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Han Li's body swayed a few times, and he arrived back at the spot where the clash had just taken place. He looked at the shattered spirit tool fragments strewn all over the ground, and he couldn't help but heave a forlorn sigh.

However, he had refined those spirit tools to save his life in dire situations anyway, so they had certainly served their purpose.

Han Li didn't dare to remain in this place for any longer, and just as he was about to depart in the opposite directions from where the little beast and the miniature humanoid had disappeared when a male voice sounded over 100 feet in the air above.

"Not bad at all! To think that you were able to escape with your life right under Hua Guang's nose; looks like you're no ordinary body refinement warrior."

Han Li's face immediately paled upon hearing this, and he was completely rooted to the spot.

At the same time, several streaks of spiritual light flashed in the air, and three miniature humanoid figures appeared at once, each of which was several feet in size.

One of the miniature humanoid figures wore a set of azure robes with a sharp light glimmering in its eyes, and it seemed to be applauding Han Li with a smile on its face. However, its eyes were icy cold and completely devoid of any amusement or benevolence.

That humanoid figure was flying through the air atop a crimson cloud, while its two companions were a brawny man who was shimmering with red light, and a young woman with a set of cold features, as well as a layer of white glacial mist enshrouding her body.

These three were also Spirit Tribe cultivators.

Han Li took a deep breath and forcibly repressed the shock in his heart. In this dire situation, he made the counterintuitive decision of stowing away his Immortal Vanquishing Beads again.

In the face of three Spirit Tribe cultivators, it would be impossible for him to wound all three at once even if he were to use his Immortal Vanquishing Bead. Furthermore, the three of them hadn't immediately attacked him as soon as they had appeared, so perhaps there was a chance for him to survive this ordeal without a fight.

As such, Han Li's expression eased as he looked up at the three miniature humanoid figures in the sky.

The shimmering red man carefully inspected Han Li before suddenly turning to the man on the crimson cloud in a respectful manner. "Master Xu Tian, he's perfect for our needs. He's a high-grade body refinement warrior, and he should know the location of the Chaotic Valley. On top of that, he doesn't have any magic power, so he fits all of our criteria."

"Alright, well take him then." The man on the crimson cloud nodded indifferently in response.

The red man was ecstatic upon hearing this before turning to Han Li with a sinister smile. All of sudden, his body transformed into a fire wyrm that was around a foot in size as he shot forth toward Han Li.

Han Li's heart jolted with shock upon seeing this. Could it be that he

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