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The two flying beasts weren't in a hurry to give chase upon seeing this. Instead, they began to circle around in the air above the forest while emitting a series of strange cries.

Moments later, a streak of red light hurtled over from the distance, reaching the two flying beasts in the blink of an eye. The light then receded to reveal a young woman in palatial robes who appeared to be just over 20 years of age. Her brows were slightly furrowed, and there was a malicious look in her eyes.

"Has he finally exhausted his supply of spirit stones? You two really are useless; how has it taken you two so long to pursue a mere body refinement warrior? If it's not for the fact that I have to restrict my magic power fluctuations, I'd have captured him myself long ago." The young woman looked at the forest down below with a cold expression before turning her gaze toward the two flying beasts in a displeased manner.

The two intimidating Leocon Beasts were all horrified by the displeasure in the young woman's eyes, and both of them began to tremor uncontrollably.

"Hmph, I can't allow the bloodline of our race to fall into the hands of the human race. No matter what price I have to pay, I must take that little girl back with me. Once I capture that City Lord Zhao, I'll be able to interrogate him for her whereabouts." The young woman looked down once again, but she showed no intention of taking action. Instead, a rather peculiar expression appeared on her face.

Right at this moment, a resounding boom erupted from within the forest nearby, followed by a string of ferocious cries. It sounded as if a fierce battle had broken out in that section of the forest.

The young woman and the two Leocon Beasts hovered silently in the air, seemingly waiting for something.

After a short while, the commotion in the forest came to an abrupt halt, following which three balls of black Qi and a ball of yellow Qi rose up into the air and flew directly toward them.

They were none other than the three snake demons that had led the army of crimson python beasts a few days ago, as well as a massive Sandbug Beast that was around 40 to 50 feet in size.

The snake demon with the head of a human was currently holding a half-dead human in its hands; it was none other than the purple-robed man who had just plummeted from the sky not long ago.

His entire body was stained with blood, and one of his arms had also gone missing, rendering him completely powerless to resist.

The four demon beasts made their way over to the young woman before placing respectfully the man before her on a cloud of demonic Qi and backing away thereafter.

"Well done, I'll be sure to reward you handsomely for this." The young woman nodded with a content look after verifying that the purple-robed man was still alive.

The snake demons and the massive Sandbug Beast all let loose low cries in unison, seemingly overjoyed by the prospect of the reward they had been promised.

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