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Sure enough, a short while later, several hundred black spots suddenly appeared in the distance. These black spots were all flying rapidly toward the city, and they were responsible for emitting those ghastly cries.

The humans on the city wall immediately reacted as they adopted a defensive formation, preparing to engage the oncoming enemies.

Almost at the exact same moment, over 100 streaks of light of different colors flew out from a tall building at the center of the city. All of those streaks of light then hurtled directly toward the approaching black spots in the distant sky.

The cultivators in the city had finally sprung into action.

Most of these cultivators were at the Foundation Establishment Stage, but they were flying quite quickly atop their respective treasures. The cultivators managed to reach the city wall before the Leocon Beasts did before hovering in the air.

The two people leading the group consisted of a bald brawny man standing atop a round disk, as well as that brocade-robed man from the Golden Jade Sect.

Both of them had reached the False Core Stage, which was the highest cultivation base among all of the cultivators present.

The black spots in the distance were only several kilometers away from the city wall now, but they suddenly stopped and began to circle around indecisively in the air at low altitudes.

At this point, the people on the city wall were already able to discern the true appearance of these black spots. They discovered that these were all demon beasts with leopard heads and falcon bodies. All of them had a pair of white and yellow feathered wings each, and their eyes were gleaming with purplish-red light, while their bodies shimmering in all manners of exuberant colors, presenting a very beautiful sight to behold.

These demons beasts were only several feet in size each, and they were quite petite and graceful in flight. Judging from their outward appearance alone, they didn't look all that threatening at all.

However, all of the cultivators in the sky wore extremely grim expressions, seemingly quite wary of these demon beasts. In the distance, a few short and sharp cries rang out from among this pack of Leocon Beasts. Immediately thereafter, a vast cloud of dust and debris appeared in the distance amid bursts of loud piercing screeches.

One crimson python after another began to emerge from the ground below before raising their heads and extending their forked tongues. All of a sudden, a tumbling and writhing sea of crimson had appeared before the city wall with no end in sight.

All of the warriors standing atop the city wall drew a collective sharp intake of breath upon witnessing this ominous sight.

It appeared that they had truly hit the jackpot this time. They had only just arrived to provide reinforcements and they were being attacked by both Leocon Beasts and crimson python beasts. Thankfully, the cultivators were present to deal with the most troubl

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