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“What? Could it be that this place has sacred areas with dense spirit Qi?” Han Li asked with roused spirits.

“Hehe, there are several of these cultivation sites throughout the city. But we only have one that is equivalent to those found in the three sovereign’s main cities. But what is important is that not only do we have a stream of materials from the lands of humans and demons, but the city is also the sole entrance between those lands and the wilderness. As a result, there are countless rare treasures that are brought back from the wilderness. A vast majority of cultivators sell or exchange these materials. Even medicines that allow for advancement over a single night are on the market. However, their price makes them something that could only be looked at.”

The old man briefly paused before adding, “There is also another reason why the cultivators of this city aren’t willing to leave it. Every ten years, the Deep Heaven City cultivators listen to someone from the council of elders explain the worldly Dao. It can answer some doubts about cultivation. And all of the elders are at Integration stage cultivation. Nobody else has the same opportunities we do. Hehe, that is why those that join the city don’t often wish to leave.”

“Those benefits!” Han Li felt joy at the explanation, but he soon frowned and asked, “But why are there so many high-grade cultivators guarding the city?”

“In addition to human cultivators, there are also large quantities of demon cultivators that guard the city. They occupy the other half of the city. And apart from that, there are large quantities of demon beasts and body refiners. Half of those low-grade existences originated from the city, while the other half comes from the outside. Our council of elders consists of over ten Integration-stage cultivators. With such astonishing might, the city has naturally become a target of the wilderness’ outer tribes and true spirit level existences. The elders have arranged and extremely powerful and profound Immortal formation forcing successive generations of outer invasions to first go through the city. If so much power wasn’t garrisoned here, the outer tribes would exterminate us. I heard that if we were to truly fight with the outer tribes, most of the city would be eradicated.” Old Man Liu wore a solemn expression.

When Han Li heard this, his expression faintly changed. “More than half eradicated?”

“There is no need for Brother Han to be so worried. An outer tribe invades us once anywhere from sixty thousand years at the earliest, to a hundred thousand years at the latest. Against such a long period, there is no need for you to be worried. If there is truly an invasion, then you’d be out of luck and could only fight to the death. As for anybody that flees that Deep Heaven City’s guard, they will be jointly pursued by both demons and humans. Since there is a smooth life in the city, it is natural to have a bit of danger with it. However, the last inv

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