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“That’s true. We’ve already heavily injured the rebels and have their tracks. So long as we guard the entrance to the human realm, they won’t be able to escape. When reinforcements come, it will be impossible for them to escape.” Huang Shi said.

The green-robed woman nodded in agreement.

The two spirits continued their discussion for a moment more and their lights flickered before they disappeared from the tree.

At that same moment in a hidden room in Setting Sun City, there were several people of unordinary bearing sitting around a table.

A skinny monk wearing a necklace of black prayer beads turned to the white-robed middle-aged man and asked, “City Lord Lan. You say that these spirit clan men are trapped in the Setting Sun Tomb and that we must recuse them?”

The white-robed man sullenly said, “That’s right. I just received this information. As they fled, they were heavily injured by pursuers from the spirit clan. With more spirit clan pursuers close on their tail and their grave injuries, they won’t be able to make it to the city. We will need to receive them.”

A dark-skinned man built like iron suddenly asked, “Brother Lan, what are these spirit clan men carrying? Now that matters are so close, tell us the truth. Not only did you call for us, but you also invited Senior Huang Liang out from seclusion. You would only do this for something of grave importance.”

The last of them, a pale man wearing wide yellow robes heard his name mentioned and said, “Fellow Daoist Jin is right. I rushed over here at the city lord’s request while my recent efforts still remain unstable. I am also quite interested in what the spirit clan men are carrying. Can City Lord Lan shed some light on this?”

The pale man was the renowned Spirit Lord Huang Liang, and the white-robed man was the Setting Sun City Lord!

The city lord wryly laughed and said, “Senior Lu, Fellow Daoist Jin, if I knew what they were carrying, I wouldn’t have kept silent. However, I have received orders from the Sage Sovereign’s palace to receive them.”

“Orders from the Sage Sovereign?” The monk and the large man revealed alarm, and a glint lit up from the city lord’s eyes.

The monk said with a doubtful tone, “Then this matter must be personally related to the sovereign.”

City Lord Lan respectfully said, “I don’t know, but even if the sovereign didn’t personally issue the command, it still came from the palace, so there may as well be no difference. Furthermore, when the palace issued the order, they sent a special envoy to our city. Considering the vast distance from Heavenly Origin City and the many lands with unstable spatial tears in between, it should take them quite some time to arrive. We will need to protect the spirit clan men and ensure they aren’t harmed, so the envoy can see them.”

Huang Liang smiled and said, “Since they are orders from the sovereign's palace, there is nothing to discuss. However, I am quite interested in what those

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