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The yellow-robed youth with a handsome face seemed to be the leader of the group. He descended next to the old man and respectfully asked, “Elder Huo, can you see what sort of heavenly tribulation that Senior is undergoing? It doesn’t seem to be minor tribulation. Could it be a Spatial Tempering-stage Senior is hidden in the mountain?” His voice carried a faint trace of excitement.

This came as no surprise. Cultivators at Spatial Tempering-stage and higher were a rare sight even in the spirit realm.

The old man shook his head and said, “It isn’t greater tribulation. I’ve seen one before and the lightning was purple and golden. Its might was far greater than this one.”

The yellow-robed youth wore an odd expression and said, “However, minor tribulation isn’t golden. It should be azure. I’ve seen my sect elders undergo it several times.”

The old man wore a solemn expression and doubtfully said, “It seems harsher than ordinary minor tribulation, but it can’t be the metamorphosis tribulation of a demon beast. That has only silver lightning.”

When the Core Formation cultivators saw that Elder Huo was unsure, they wore disappointed expressions.

The winds in the sky have already become more frequent and strong. A windstorm seemed to envelop the area fifty kilometers around the mountain. Black clouds also began to pressure the ground underneath.

As a result, Elder Huo began to mutter to himself and order the caravan to form a circle for the time being and calmly wait for the tribulation to end before continuing forward.

As the sounds of thunder continued to ring, the silver-gold lightning suddenly burst with greater ferocity. It roiled from cloud to cloud and began to strike down in a dense barrage aking to a rainstorm.

As this continued, the silver lightning struck the mountain, breaking apart its top with explosions of dust and rock, easily cleaving the top of the mountain with blinding silver light.

As for the golden lightning, it seemed to disappear upon touching the mountain.

Soon after, thunder began to clap from the center of the mountain. A muffle explosion seemed even louder than the fierce claps of thunder from the sky.

This came as a shock to Elder Huo and the other Core Formation cultivators. The golden lightning was odd in a heavenly tribulation and wasn’t blocked by the mountain rock in the slightest, directly striking the target of the tribulation. This strange scene was something that only occurred with the purple-gold lightning of greater tribulations.

Could it be a type of greater tribulation that the old man had never seen before?

As these doubts welled in the hearts of these cultivators, a piercing azure light shot out from the center of the mountain. In a blur, it emerged from the center of the mountain, containing a faint silhouette.

When the spectators saw this, they knew the person inside the azure light was certain to be the cultivator of great ability undergoing the tr

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