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When the green-eyed man arrived near the Essensefused Mountain, he held out the gourd to the transparent beast underneath.

With a light toss, the gourd spouted out a silver mist in midair, and the mist circled around the huge mountain. It suddenly turned into giant silver characters, entering the body of the huge beast in an instant.

As silver light enveloped the entire monster, its figure quickly shrunk to the size of a fist.

But strangely enough, the Essensefused Mountain shrunk at the same speed as the transparent beast, denying the beast any chance of escape.

The gourd then released another wave of silver mist that enveloped the shrunken beast.

Meanwhile, Han Li pointed from far away and the small black mountain slowly rose into the air, allowing the beast to be absorbed in the gourd.

The green-eyed man hastily put a lid on the gourd and stuck a golden talisman on top of it, finally letting out a sigh of relief.

The others had already withdrawn their magic tools and landed on the ground. But when they looked at Han Li, it was with newfound respect.

The recent battle clearly displayed that their squad leader possessed unfathomably profound abilities. He was by no means an ordinary Deity Transformation-stage cultivator.

While they were overjoyed by this, they also felt a degree of awe.

“Take another moment to rest before we continue.”

Having taken the mountain back into his sleeve, he simply gave the squad a short word. He walked aloofly to the side and sat down with his eyes closed.

Naturally, none of the others raised any objections. They also spread out and took a moment of rest to recover their magic power.

Fairy Xu, however, remained standing.

After some brief hesitation, she walked over to Han Li and curtsied, “Many thanks for Senior’s assistance. My Ice Crystal Sword would’ve been destroyed otherwise.”

Han Li opened his eyes and gave the woman a probing glance, “An Ice Crystal Sword? You must’ve refined it from Myriad Year Profound Jade.”

Fairy Xu’s heart trembled, “Senior has great wisdom. The primary material in my sword refinement is profound jade!”

Han Li slowly asked with a flicker of his eye, “Since you use a sword of extreme cold, your cultivation art must also be ice-attributed. Can I ask if you know a person?”

“Please go ahead, Senior!” After a brief pause, Fairy Xu immediately agreed.

Han Li stared at her twinkling iris and continued in sound transmission, “There was an ancient cultivator by the name of Fairy Ice Soul. She was an ascended cultivator who practiced techniques of extreme cold. Do you know this person?”

When he looked at the woman, he felt an air of familiarity. Upon closer inspection, he found that her eyes appeared to be the same as Fairy Ice Soul’s image during the opening of the Spirit Void Hall in the North Night Palace. There was a striking resemblance.

Although it was only an image, Fairy Ice Soul’s irises were flowing with

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