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Brilliant yellow light radiated from Spirit Lord Huang Liang's Nascent Soul, and the small green sword in its hand abruptly shot forth.

Green light flashed, and the small sword transformed into a peculiar spirit beast with the head of a falcon, the body of a horse, and a pair of azure feathered wings. The spirit beast opened its mouth before pouncing toward the giant with ferocious might.

The Nascent Soul then pointed a finger at the massive white seal that was hovering in the sky.

In response, the seal began to rotate rapidly, transforming into a white smoky projection at the Nascent Soul's behest.

All of a sudden, countless rays of light of different colors converged toward the massive seal, making its already astonishing stature expand even further. In just the span of a few breaths, the seal had swelled to several times its original size, seemingly filling up almost the entire sky.

Huan Tianqi also stopped several hundred feet away from the giant. He raised both hands and two balls of grey lightning surfaced at once amid a burst of rumbling thunderclaps.

A massive grey blade several tens of feet in length then abruptly appeared.

It didn't appear to be anything special, but the difference in power between this blade and the blade Huan Tianqi had employed earlier was night and day.

Huan Tianqi glared coldly at the giant before suddenly waving a hand toward the massive moth that had been hovering above him this entire time.

The moth immediately spread its wings, transforming into the streak of iridescent light that disappeared into the giant blade in the blink of an eye.

Immediately thereafter, a cold sinister light began to emanate from the giant blade, following which he slowly slashed it toward the giant's waist.

A mesmerizing thin line shot forth in a flash.

Even though the giant wasn't very intelligent, it could sense that it was in grave danger from these two devastating attacks unleashed by Spirit Lord Huang Liang and Huan Tianqi.

It tilted its head back and let loose an almighty roar as white light abruptly flashed from its eye. A glistening white ball shot forth from within, transforming into a ball of white light that managed to keep the peculiar azure-winged spirit beast at bay.

Immediately thereafter, crimson light flashed and a burst of powerful light erupted from its eye, clashing directly with the oncoming vibrant thin line.

A peculiar scene then ensued!

After the thin line and the crimson light came into contact with one another, no explosive boom erupted as a result. Instead, the clash was completely silent before the two became locked in an intense impasse.

In response to the massive white seal crashing down from above, the projection of a small mountain appeared around the stone club in the giant's hand, and it hurled the club directly at Spirit Lord Huang Liang.

It then clenched its hands into massive fists, causing the anaconda-like veins beneath its s

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