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"What you're saying makes sense as well. Seeing as the Yin Sifting Sect is a prominent sect of the Devil Dao, they'll definitely have a lot of enemies. Otherwise, the Yin Sifting Sect Master wouldn't have appeared here," the small child agreed with a smile.

A faint smile also appeared on Han Li's face as he flipped over a hand to produce a black ball.

He then fell silent as he began to scrutinize the ball.

However, only a short while had passed before he abruptly patted his storage pouch to summon a wooden box.

He blew toward the box, and the lid flew off of its own accord.

The contents of the box comprised of a crimson ball, upon which was plastered several restriction talismans. This was none other than the treasure that Han Li had taken from the grey-robed monk by the name of Mo Jiu from the Profound Jade Cave of the North Night Palace.

Han Li placed the black ball into the wooden box as well before carefully inspecting it. At first glance, the black ball was completely dull and lusterless, giving off a nondescript and mundane air. However, upon closer inspection, one would be able to discover that there were profound greyish-white runes visible on its surface. At the same time, Han Li was able to use his spiritual sense to peer deeper into the ball, where he discovered that there were miniature clouds of inky-black mist situated within. All of these clouds were tumbling and surging erratically, and they seemed to be imbued with extremely fearsome and pure devilish Qi.

Only after a long while did Han Li withdraw his gaze from the black ball before turning his attention to the crimson ball again. After a brief assessment, he discovered that there was also extremely astonishing fire-attribute spiritual power lurking within.

He stroked his chin as a contemplative look appeared on his face.

"I didn't think that someone would've been capable of refining Thunder Bombs in the human world, even in ancient times. I wonder if the ancient cultivators figured out the refinement method for themselves or if someone from the Spirit Realm bestowed the method upon them. If it's the former, then so be it, but if the latter is true, then that person most likely harbored some sinister intentions," the small child sighed.

Han Li was a little surprised to hear this. "Thunder Bombs? They're from the Spirit Realm? But after using my soul search technique, it seems like that man was under the impression that they're known as Immortal Vanquishing Beads. They seem to be extremely powerful, and even a Deity Transformation cultivator wouldn't be able to survive unscathed if they were to be struck by this bead."

"The shape is a little different from what I'm familiar to, but these are definitely Thunder Bombs. It's just that the two that you have are very crude, which suggests that they were probably rejects from the Spirit Realm. However, they're certainly worthy of the title of 'Immortal Vanquishing Bead' here in the human wo

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