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The monk couldn't have anticipated this would happen.

Although the ten fiery threads didn’t penetrate the golden projection, red light flashed, turning themselves into bulky fire chains. Like a bolt of lightning, they instantly coiled around the projection and firmly trapped them.

When the monk saw this, he was stunned for a moment, then raising his hand and flicking in the air without any delay.

A white swordlight shot out from its tip and directly struck at the fiery chains.

A beautiful ring sounded as red and white light clashed together. The swordlight only left a pea-sized crack on the dense chains.

The silver-robed monk grew sullen at the sight.

When he saw the tri-colored fire raven and the purple flame wave race forward, the monk stomped on the white lotus below him, letting out a thunderous dragon’s roar and solemnly parting his arms outward.

The huge golden projection seemed to sense the monk’s anxiousness and radiated blinding golden light from its body. Its already gigantic size swelled and it grew until it was over twenty-five meters tall, pulling on the fire chains until it was nearly brought to the point of destruction.

The monk’s heart sank by what he saw next.

The fire chains grew alongside projection and didn’t suffer the slightest strain.

The monk formed an incantation gesture and the golden projection abruptly shrunk in size, yet the fire chains followed the transformation, remaining tightly wound around it.

In the following moment, the silver-robed monk’s expression massively changed as well.

When he saw the three-colored flame raven arrive near it as it remained defenseless, he tossed the jade bottle into the air.

The silver bottle spun once in the air before directly charging at the flame raven with its mouth pointed at it. Then, it brightly glowed silver and religious chants echoed from it, followed by a large wave of seven-colored Buddhist light directly wrapping around the oncoming flame raven.

The raven cried out and spread out its wings, evading it and arriving right above the silver-robed monk.

But soon, the light caught the raven and Buddhist light brightly shined, swiveling around the raven. With the raven wrapped tightly, it drew it back into the bottle. It seemed the light was the raven’s natural enemy.

The monk’s expression relaxed for a moment, then pointing at the bottle in the air.

The bottle trembled and spouted out another mist of Buddhist light. This time, it was aiming at the wave of purple flame trailing after the flame raven.

It appeared he intended on using this treasure to deal with both attacks.

But at that moment, Han Li uttered, “Burst.” The small silver bottle floating in the air violently shook and instantly warped in shape, its surface bending unevenly as its silver light slowly flashed. Muffled booms sounded from it, only growing louder by the second.

“Not good!” The silver-robed monk swept his spiritual sense past

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