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Before his departure, Han Li brought Shi Jian back to the Heavenly South, so he could go to the Far West and fight for leadership for the Thousand Bamboo School.

As Han Li had already told Shi Jian about inheriting the legacy of Monarch Soul Divergence, he naturally didn’t object to the matter.

When they arrived back at the Heavenly South, Shi Jian left for the Far West of his own accord.

With his current cultivation, it was a trivial matter to take ahold of the Thousand Bamboo School. Han Li also had no worries about this.

As soon as Han Li returned to Devilfall Valley, he immediately resumed his cultivation. Because of the three transplant techniques that Feng Xi had given him, the spirit medicines that were originally restrained in the spatial pocket could now be taken outside. With this, the Fuchsia Cloud Pill no longer had any restrictions for its refinement.

Although the Fuchsia Cloud Pill was a medicine pill for Nascent Soul cultivators, it had overbearing medicinal strength and was quite useful for Deity Transformation cultivators as well.

With this medicine pill freely refined, the originally difficult cultivation of early-Deity Transformation stage passed by quickly.

After a hundred years of bitter cultivation, he reached the peak of early-stage and reached the final stage of the Azure Essence Sword Art, fulfilling it to grand completion.

At this point, taking any further Fuschia Cloud Pills no longer had an effect. And since the spiritual Qi in the mortal world was too sparse, it was impossible for him to enter mid-Deity Transformation stage.

As such, he had no qualms about leaving seclusion.

During his time in seclusion, he encountered several bottlenecks in his cultivation and used the Myriad Distance Talismans to contact that old eccentric Xiang Zhili many times. He also began to divulge some of the information that Silvermoon had left behind for him.

As a result, after countless years of persistent searching, Xiang Zhili finally found a usable spatial node.

This caused the old Deity Transformation cultivators to rejoice. Han Li joined in their celebrations upon hearing the news as well.

As a result, Xiang Zhili, Old Eccentric Feng, Old Devil Hu, and Old Demon Che joined together in a hundred years of preparation and entered the spatial node.

But not long after, three of the four primal soul lanterns that were left behind were soon extinguished. And the one belonging to Old Devil Hu was still lit but it was extremely dim.

Several days later, his primal soul lantern was extinguished as well.

It was unknown if the old devil managed to successfully ascend to the spirit realm, severing its connection to the lantern, or if it dropped into the spatial node.

Eventually, Han Li was informed by a Myriad Distance Talisman of this news by the disciples of these great cultivators, and was left completely completely shocked.

It appeared the danger of these spatial nodes wa

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