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“I don’t have much strength. How could I use such a heavy weapon?” Han Li withdrew his gaze and shook his head.

“Then how about this crescent sword? It is refined from pure copper. Not only is it light, but it is also quite durable. It is a rare high-quality flexible sword.”

“It is too short for me. It’d be inconvenient to use.” Han Li rejected it at a glance.

“Too short?” The shop attendant's smile froze as if he wasn’t sure how to reply.

Han Li took several steps to the side and pointed to an item on the table. “What is that over there? That looks interesting?”

The item he pointed at was a soft pitch-black rope that was as thick as a thumb.

When the attendant saw this, he hurriedly explained, “That is the Young Dragon Rope. It is refined from metal threads and is specialized for binding. It can trap low-grade demon beasts of extraordinary strength with ease.”

“Let me take a look at it.”

Han Li took the item into his hand and shook it. Woosh. The black rope turned into a perfectly straight stick.

When the attendant saw this, his eyes widened.

He attended to countless customers for this weapon shop so he did possess some judgment. Those who can control rope to that degree can’t be ordinary. As he determined Han Li was most likely a body refiner, he couldn't help but wear an expression of respect.

Han Li waved it a few more times and frowned. “This is quite good, but it is still a bit too thick. Do you have anything thinner?”

The attendant muttered to himself for a moment before answering with an embarrassed expression. “Something thinner... I’m afraid this store doesn’t have anything like that.”

Then, a rough voice suddenly spoke from behind him, “Oh, you want something thinner? I have something like that. I can let you take a look, but the price won’t be cheap.”

Han Li’s expression stirred and he slowly turned around. There were two large men in leather robes standing behind them. One of them had a lofty stature and hair that reached down from his shoulders, giving him a dangerous aura. The other had a sickly complexion and had shriveled skin.

The larger man carried a long spear on his back and a huge bag as well. The shriveled man carried a meter-long wooden box in his hand and wore a mysterious expression.

Han Li’s face lit up when he saw that the two wore rings embedded with spirit stones, but these rings were much cruder than Zhan Kiu’s and their spirit stones were somewhat smaller as well. There were body refiners with spirit tools.

Having recognized who these people were, Han Li faintly smiled and said, “So long as the item is suitable, the price will be no matter.”

The shriveled man gave Han Li a probing glance and smiled, “Good, but let’s not talk here. Please follow me to a quiet place and we’ll continue there.”

“That will be no problem,” Han Li said with a nod. He then followed the two out of the shop.

The two appeared quite familiar with the area and soo

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