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“I found the tree unintentionally in the past. From then on, I came here to pick the fruit once every ten years. In human records, the fruit is said to be wondrous. Once eaten, it would allow one to soar the skies. High-grade cultivators may see it as worthless, but it is rather delicious for those from the wyrm clan like me. But who could’ve known that the spirit fruit is beyond what the human records have described. If one eats it often, it can strengthen one’s body, granting limitless strength. However, this won’t occur without periodic consumption. Very few of these fruits exist in this world, so human cultivators weren’t able to figure this out. However, I’m quite surprised that Fellow Daoist Feng knows many secrets, including the method transport the fruit tree.” The large golden-robed man looked at the azure-robed cultivator with an odd expression.

The azure-robed cultivator calmly replied, “I merely found the ancient remains belonging to an ancient demon. The secrets of the fruit and its method of moving it was left behind on it. It also mentioned that each time a fruit was taken, it would change one’s body very slightly where one wouldn’t notice any effects. But if one were to eat one every day over a long time, one’s body would become as tyrannical as that of a true dragon. But there is no way of knowing that is true.”

“In theory it certainly is possible, but in truth, that can't happen. Even if we gathered together all of the Dragon Scale Fruit trees, there is no way for one person to eat that many of the fruit. Even a single tree is extremely previous to our wyrm clan. Actually, if it weren’t for your complete confidence in the method to transplant the fruit tree, I wouldn’t have brought you here.” The large man said with a solemn expression.

“Hehe, I admire many of the Fellow Daoists in your clan. I wouldn’t dare to deceive you. However, you’ve agreed to my...”

The azure-robed demon cultivator was Feng Xi, the grade-nine Windbreaker Beast that pursued Han Li in the past, the same one who he acquired the Thunderstorm Wings from. And that large man was the Golden Wyrm King. As of current, he didn’t appear to be in his half-dragon form from Green Spirit Island but had the appearance of a normal cultivator.

The wyrm king waved his arm, “So long as Fellow Daoist Feng’s information is correct, I won’t go back on my word. I will present several of the fruit to you.”

Feng Xi revealed joy upon hearing this and saluted him with both hands, “These fruits are greatly useful to me. I’ll have to thank you ahead of time.”

“Enough chatter. We’ll first have to see if your method will work,” the large man said calmly.

“Be at ease. If I weren’t certain, I wouldn’t dare to seek you out. This transplant method was something the ancient demon spent all his life researching. Not only is it useful for the Dragon Scale Fruit tree, but it is also useful for other spirit plants.” Feng Xi said confidently.

The large man chu

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