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Han Li's expression also changed upon hearing this. How did Xiang Zhili know that he owned more than one Divine Spirit Treasure?

However, he quickly realized the underlying reason behind this; this information had to have been leaked by the North Night Palace. Many years ago, Master Arctic Dragon had already guessed that he possessed the Heavenvoid Cauldron, and he had to have discussed this matter with other cultivators from the palace. Otherwise, Xiang Zhili could've obtained this information from the Scattered Star Seas. His location had always been a mystery, so it wouldn't be a surprise if he'd made a trip to the Scattered Star Seas.

Several possibilities appeared in Han Li's mind while a wary expression surfaced on his face.

Xiang Zhili seemed to have identified Han Li's unease, and he consoled, "There's no need for you to be concerned, Junior Martial Brother Han. Divine Spirit Treasures are extremely sought-after for normal cultivators, but Deity Transformation cultivators like us already stand at the pinnacle of the human world. These spirit treasures may indeed be quite powerful, but they'll only be the icing on the cake for us, so they're not treasures that we must obtain. Besides, all of us have lived for so long in this human world, we all naturally have one or two spirit treasures in our possession. However, using such spirit treasures requires a vast expenditure of magic power, and we wouldn't unleash them unless we were in mortal danger. Otherwise, if we stir up the world's origin Qi, we'll be doing a lot of harm to ourselves."

"I see. Looks like I was overthinking things." Han Li's expression eased slightly upon hearing this.

Xiang Zhili's words were quite reasonable, but Han Li naturally wasn't going to completely believe him.

After all, no one would reject a spirit treasure if they had the chance to obtain one. He could clearly see the greed in Eccentric Wind's eyes when he was looking at the Eight Spirit Ruler.

However, it sounded like Xiang Zhili was going to side with him in this situation. Perhaps he was wary of Han Li's abilities or simply wanted to appease Han Li for some other motive.

Han Li's mind was quickly scrambling to figure out a reason behind this.

"Hmph, what are you trying to say, Brother Xiang? Why do you insist on siding with this Han brat? He may have two spirit treasures, but I can surely take him down if I'm willing to sacrifice over 10 years of my lifespan," Eccentric Wind harrumphed.

"You're greatly underestimating Junior Martial Brother Han, Brother Feng. Even if you fight with everything you have, you may not be able to kill Junior Martial Brother Han. However, what's guaranteed is that you'll have to sacrifice at least several decades or even more than a century of your lifespan. Are you really willing to make such a huge sacrifice over a trivial matter like this?" Xiang Zhili shook his head with a serious expression.

"Over a century of my lifespan? Do you

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