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"Do you know Fellow Daoist Han, Violet Spirit?" Hu Qinglei asked. His voice wasn't very loud, but they sounded like booming thunderclaps to Violet Spirit.

Violet Spirit hurriedly withdrew her gaze from Han Li as she forced a smile onto her face, and replied, "Brother Han is indeed an acquaintance of mine." She was trying to act in a calm and collected manner, but the drastic rise and fall of her chest clearly suggested that she was unable to contain her emotions.

"Violet Spirit, I didn't think that I would meet you here," Han Li said with a wry smile. However, his expression quickly reverted back to normal.

Hu Qinglei was silent for a moment before continuing in an indifferent voice, "It's great to hear that Violet Spirit and Fellow Daoist Han are familiar with each other. Why don't you offer some wine to Fellow Daoist Han, first, Violet Spirit? After entering my Devil Palace, you must cut all ties with your past life, so this cup of wine can act as a final farewell to Fellow Daoist Han." He didn't seem interested in asking about what relationship Han Li and his concubine-to-be shared.

The forced smile on Violet Spirit's face immediately stiffed upon hearing this.

One of the servants beside her handed her a jade platter, which was carrying a wine flagon and a green cup.

Violet Spirit looked down at the items on the platter, and her silky hair obscured most of her face, making it impossible for anyone to glean her current facial expression. However, she only faltered for a brief moment before gently picking up the wine flagon.

As she did so, the tense atmosphere that had descended over the palace lifted considerably.

The dark expression on Hu Qinglei's face also eased upon seeing this.

Han Li looked on in silence as Violet Spirit poured out a cup of wine before raising the cup with both hands. She raised her head and made her way over to Han Li in a graceful manner.

At this moment, all of the emotion had disappeared from Violet Spirit's face. She had adopted her cold and aloof facade again, and she was appraising Han Li as if he were a complete stranger.

Han Li's lips twitched slightly upon seeing this, but his expression remained unchanged.

"Fellow Daoist Han, please accept this cup of wine." Violet Spirit's voice was extremely flat and monotonous, as if those words were being spoken by a mere vessel without a soul. Her pitiable display evoked within all of the cultivators present a sense of sympathy...

Han Li didn't immediately reach for the cup of wine that was being offered to him. Instead, his gaze roamed up along Violet Spirit's arm, over her body, then finally settling on her intricate porcelain-like features.

His eyes slowly narrowed, and a tense atmosphere returned to the palace.

Hu Qinglei's expression remained unchanged, but a cold light flashed through his eyes.

Xiang Zhili seemed to have sensed something, and his brows furrowed as he took a glance at Hu Qinglie. Meanwhi

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