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Even after doing all that, Han Li displayed no intention of stopping. Instead, he rubbed his hands together before raising them high into the air.

Two explosive thunderclaps erupted as two arcs of light shot forth from within his sleeves, each of which was as thick as his arm.

The two arcs of lightning converged to form a massive golden python with a diameter comparable to that of a large bowl, flying directly up into the air at an alarming speed. At the same time, Han Li opened his mouth to expel a glittering and translucent bead, which instantly transformed into a purple wyrm over 100 feet long that also threw itself into the air above.

Meanwhile, the massive silver lotus was also slowly rising up to meet the green sun.

Spiritual light suddenly flashed in the air as the green sun overhead split up into eight jade peaks again. However, four of them were already damaged and incompletely, while the other four were in perfect condition. However, as green light began to surge along the surfaces of these mountains, an incredible transformation took place. The eight mountains converged and as opposed to simply stacking on top of one another, they truly combined to form a gargantuan mountain close to 10,000 feet tall, which came crashing down without any delay. At this moment, the purple wyrm, lightning python, and silver lotus flower had also risen up to meet this colossal mountain.

Spiritual light of all types of colors exploded as lightning, glacial Qi, silver light, and green light intertwined, and the colossal mountain really did pause in its tracks.

However, the sheer size of the mountain was simply too much to handle; regardless of whether it was struck by lightning or frozen by glacial Qi, the mountain seemed to simply be able to shrug off those afflictions as it slowly continued downward. Even the massive silver lotus was unable to arrest its momentum.

Down below, Han Li narrowed his eyes as blue light flashed through his pupils. He then let loose a low cry and threw up a mouthful of blood essence.

The blood essence immediately disappeared into the center of the silver lotus flower in the sky, where it was absorbed by the green ruler.

Han Li rapidly made a series of hand seals as he began to chant an unintelligible string of incantations.

Upon hearing Han Li's chanting, Xiang Zhili and Eccentric Wind both looked at one another with surprise etched on their faces.

Just as the colossal mountain overhead was about to crush the silver lotus flower, eight different types of sharp cries suddenly erupted from the green wooden ruler, following which eight projection emerged, each of which was around an inch in size.

At Han Li's behest, all of these projections expanded drastically, transforming into eight spirit beast projections over 100 feet in size in the blink of an eye. All of the projections were shimmering with green light, and they appeared to be substantial creatures rather than mere projected

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