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The three skulls were faring even worse than the flood dragon.

When the skull’s black Qi contacted the rainbow flame, it slowed and was soon wiped away by the flame.

When the skulls saw the flames slowly draw closer, a trace of fear appeared from their eyes and their whimpers grew louder.

The cinque devils sinisterly cackled at this display and soon they stopped spitting icy flames from their mouths, instead suddenly turning to five grey streaks into the sea of flame.

In that next moment, when the rainbow flames nearly arrived at the top of the bone banner where the three skulls resided, five clouds of grey Qi flew out from the flames and took the form of malevolent ghost heads.

They bared their fangs with excitement and sped forward without any abilities.

Crack! The five ghost heads fiercely bit down on the three skulls.

Of course, the three skulls weren’t about to accept their fate. They bit back at the cinque devils.

Suddenly, strange howls and violent screams sounded as the ghost heads and skulls tore at each other with their teeth.

Due to the vast amount of black Qi they earlier released, the three skulls’ vitality was drained. And their position was even worse since they were outnumbered.

In the blink of an eye, the two of the three skulls were torn apart by four of the ghost heads and devoured in large mouthfuls. It took all the strength of the last skull to ward off the fifth ghost head for the time being.

When Han Li saw this, he smiled with satisfaction.

Meanwhile, the small cauldron he held in his hand let out a faint sigh.

“What? Does Fellow Daoist Endless Sky have any suggestions for my rainbow glacial flames?”

“Nonsense! But your rainbow glacial flames remind me of many five elemental type techniques from the Spirit Realm. After these techniques are fully used, they are divided into five colors like your glacial flames. However, your glacial flames are incredibly cold. If an opponent mistook your flames for an elemental technique, they would suffer quite a bit.”

(The Five Elements refer to Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water)

Azure light flashed and an azure-robed young boy appeared on top of the Heavenvoid Cauldron. He had red lips, white teeth, and a pair of plump white feet. He spoke leisurely as he glanced in the direction of the cinque devils.

“An elemental technique?” Han Li asked with a start.

“That’s right,” the boy smiled with a trace of mockery, “Since I’ve arrived in your mortal realm, I’ve discovered that there are few cultivators that learn multiple elements; most only learn one. Hehe, if any of those people ascended to the Spirit Realm, I fear they will have no hope of ascending to the Spatial Tempering stage.”

“What do you mean?” Han Li quickly asked with a shaken heart.

“It’s nothing much. It’s still too early to speak with you about the Spatial Tempering stage. However, I will mention that a crucial point of ascending to the Spatial Te

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