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“Hehe, in that case, this old man won’t dissuade you any further, Brother Han.” The elderly coach driver chuckled and kept quiet.

Han Li smiled and looked around him once before. Then he stood up from the tortoise without another word.

Because the giant tortoise was at the center of the caravan, it had stopped in place. The other tortoise carriages also quickly gathered around it.

Not long after, over thirty tortoise carriages circled around one another.

The soldiers mounting large wolves gathered together in a group numbering over fifty, creating a defensive perimeter around them. A large man with a scarred face was leading them, and strangely enough, the young blue-robed woman was mixed among them with a crimson tiger crouched at her side.

Bird cries sounded from a distance and seemed to be growing closer and more fervent as time passed by. Several small crimson birds soon appeared and continuously circled in the air. The scarred man harshly shouted, “Prepare to fight! Have the tortoises lay down in full defensive positions!”

With that said, the tortoise drivers cracked a whip above the tortoises’ heads, and the tortoises each slowly crouched down, then withdrawing their head and legs into their huge shells. They appeared the same as large azure boulders.

The sound of quaking earth sounded from far away with large clouds of dust spitting out from the ground and surging towards them.

The scarred man’s face turned icy and he wordlessly waved his hand. The cavalrymen raised their wolf tooth clubs in a trained manner.

When Han Li saw this, a trace of surprise appeared from his face, but before he could think more of the matter, he saw something that left him surprised.

The scarred man suddenly tossed a green medicine pill into his mouth, soon letting out a large yell after. Yellow light circulated through his body and thin yellow fur spouted forth from his skin, turning his irises into a deep green.

Afterwards, he knocked his feet against the wolf he mounted, and the wolf immediately shot forward with a roar.

The other cavalrymen hadn’t undergone such a strange transformation, but by circulating their own techniques, light shined from their bodies and they followed after their leader in a fearless charge.

Several tens of cavalrymen swept up a dust cloud as they charged forward.

‘What’s going on? Could it be this person is a metamorphosed demon beast? Impossible, he would have to be a demon beast at a metamorphosed stage. He can’t be such a high-grade demon cultivator.

And from the soldiers’ lack of reaction, this sight is common in the spirit realm. It appears that I’ll need to spend more time in the spirit realm to understand it. Regardless, the scarred man’s transformation and those so-called spirit bodies are something I’ve never heard of in the mortal realm.”

In his surprise, his thoughts quickly churned, quickly discovering there were quite a few differences in this world compar

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