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"There's no need for him to enter the spatial node with me, is there?" the silver-robed woman asked in an indifferent voice as she sat down in a chair.

Nangong Wan was completely unfazed by the silver-robed woman's aloof response as she continued, "Surely you jest, Fellow Daoist Phoenix. The spatial node is extremely perilous and entering it alone would be akin to suicide. I'm sure you've seen how unstable this spatial node has been in the past few decades, and it's most likely close to collapsing."

"It's not impossible for me to enter the spatial node with him. However, I have a condition that he must agree to before I can work together with him." The silver-robed woman glanced at Han Li with a peculiar look in her eyes.

"What's your condition?" Han Li was rather curious now.

"I still don't fully trust you, so if I were to enter the spatial node with you, we have to set restrictions on each other prior to entry. In that case, if one of us falls into trouble, the other side must assist them with all their might. Otherwise, neither of us will be able to leave the spatial node alive. I'll only agree to join forces with you if you agree to that condition," the Ice Phoenix replied.

Upon hearing this, a smile appeared on Han Li's face as he immediately agreed, "I have no objections to this condition. In fact, it also puts me at ease."

In contrast, the silver-robed woman was rather taken aback by Han Li's quick response, and she aimed a cold glance at Han Li before continuing, "In that case, I have to leave this place for a while to make some preparations. This spatial node can last at least three more decades, so I'll come back to meet you here in exactly 30 years. I hope you won't change your mind by then."

The silver-robed woman departed as soon as she finished her sentence, not giving Han Li any time to state his opinion.

Han Li's brows furrowed, but he didn't say anything. It was instead Nangong Wan who rose to her feet to accompany the Ice Phoenix out of the pavilion. It appeared that Nangong Wan had something to say to her alone.

After the two women exited the hall, Han Li fell into deep thought, seemingly contemplating the suggestion the Ice Phoenix had just raised.

After a short while, he raised his head just as Nangong Wan returned to the room.

"Looks like you'll really be departing in 30 years." A hint of dejection appeared in Nangong Wan's beautiful eyes.

"My main concern now is that this spatial node will collapse soon, and you won't be able to reach the Spirit Realm even if you progress to the Deity Transformation Stage," Han Li sighed with furrowed brows.

"That's not a problem. This isn't the only spatial node in this world and I've already taken the Returning Sun Water. If I can reach the Deity Transformation Stage, my lifespan would be far lengthier than that of the average Deity Transformation cultivator. I'm sure I'll be able to find another spatial node in the human world during

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