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Han Li tossed the ball of spiritual light in his hand which is suspended itself in midair.

He reached to his waist with his other hand, summoning a small flag that was several inches long.

The flag was entirely crimson and released bursts of scarlet light that contained ghostly wails.

Ling Yuling glanced at the item in surprise and shot an odd glance at Han Li.

However, Han Li had no intention of explaining anything. He simply muttered to himself and tossed the flag above him.

Light flashed and a small flag massively surged in size, turning three meters tall in the blink of an eye. The surface of the flag glistened crimson as if it were coated with blood.

When he pointed at the huge flag, it spread open, emitting a mist until it was only a crimson cloud, and rushed to the top of Essencefused Mountain.

The cloud roiled as it stopped over its destination and began to slowly expand, covering most of the top and filling the air with a stench as if blood were mixed into the air.

Ling Yuling swept her spiritual sense through the cloud and sensed an unfathomable amount of Yin souls. In a start, she hastily withdrew her spiritual sense, a sense of dread lingering in her mind.

At that moment, Han Li took large steps towards the Essensefused Mountain and waved his hand into the air.

A ball of light flashed and shot towards the small mountain, vanishing from sight.

Han Li waved his hand again, this time reaching his hand out and grabbing at the air.

The small mountain flickered with rainbow light and swayed several times. Its rumbling shook the air, and it eventually lifted off from the ground, slowly floating up to the blood cloud.

Lin Yuling looked on in astonishment. The mountain entered the cloud and vanished.

Han Li then released a spell seal from his hand.

The blood cloud roiled before it eventually shrunk and returned to its form as a crimson banner several inches large. It fell back into Han Li’s hand only a moment later.

The mountain was now as empty as could be as if the Essensefused Mountain was never there.

“A spatial treasure!”

Ling Yuling eventually regained her bearings, shock still clear on her face.

“The treasure does have some spatial abilities, and it seems I’ve given you quite a show!” Han Li smiled in satisfaction, having swept his spiritual sense through the Crimson Soul Banner.

Ling Yuling gasped in surprise and let “It has spatial abilities and can even take in the Essensefused Mountain. I fear only a few exist in the mortal world. How fortunate that Fellow Daoist Han was able to acquire one.”

Back when the Star Palace Sages left behind the method to control Han Li, they believed that cultivating the Divine Essensefused Light would’ve kept him tied to the Star Palace. But now, Han Li rendered her completely powerless with this ingenious move.

The woman inwardly sighed, finally giving up on having Han Li joined the Star Palace.

Crimson light

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