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Following the conclusion of Xiang Zhili's voice transmission, Hu Qinglei's expression eased as he turned to Han Li, and said, "So you're familiar with Devilish Concubine Ling Long, and you contributed significantly to the devil-slaying effort on the Kunwu Mountains Fellow Daoist Han. Tsk tsk, you were also responsible for what happened at the Yin Sifting Sect recently. I must say, I'm quite surprised; I'd thought that a Deity Transformation cultivator had been responsible for these feats. In that case, you really are powerful enough to be regarded as my equal, Fellow Daoist Han."

"I've also heard a lot about you, Brother Hu. I hope you'll forgive me for making an unannounced visit like this," Han Li replied with a respectful smile.

"Of course! I'm naturally more than willing to acquaint myself with a brilliant prodigy like you, Fellow Daoist Han." Hu Qinglei then turned to Xiang Zhili with a smile on his face, and asked, "By the way, you two have some recollection of the other fellow Daoists here, right?"

The Nascent Soul cultivators standing behind Hu Qinglei had been completely dumbstruck upon learning the fact that Han Li had been involved in the Yin Sifting Sect incident that they had just been discussing. Furthermore, they were even more surprised to see Hu Qinglei regarding Han Li as an equal.

Only after being prompted by Hu Qinglei did they receive the opportunity to extend respectful salutes toward Xiang Zhili and Eccentric Wind, to which the two merely waved their hands to acknowledge their salutes.

However, after paying his respects to Xiang Zhili and Eccentric Wind, one of the Nascent Soul cultivators suddenly cupped his fist in a salute toward Han Li. An envious look appeared on his face as he said, "Congratulations, Brother Han. It's been a long time since we last met, and you've already progressed to the late-Nascent Soul Stage."

This was a young man in a set of green robes. He was none other than Old Man Bitter Bamboo, whom Han Li's humanoid puppet had once fought against. He was still at the pinnacle of the mid-Nascent Soul Stage after all this time, so it appeared that his cultivation path would conclude here.

Han Li didn't have a great impression of this Old Man Bitter Bamboo, but he still smiled as he replied, "I didn't think that I would meet you here, either, Fellow Daoist Bitter Bamboo. I only managed to progress to the late-Nascent Soul Stage through sheer luck."

Old Man Bitter Bamboo gave a slightly awkward cough upon hearing this, and he was just about to say something else when Hu Qinglei impatiently interjected, "Alright, this is not the place to talk. If you don't mind, you can all come to my palace for a chat, Fellow Daoists."

As such, Old Man Bitter Bamboo could only swallow his words as he offered Han Li a smile.

Thus, the ground flew downward together, heading toward the palace that Hu Qinglei and the others had emerged from.

Everyone entered the palace before taking a

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