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"That'll depend on what Fellow Daoist Hu wants to do. If it's just an ordinary attack, then he'll have no issues withstanding it. However, if he's willing to sacrifice part of his lifespan to use that spirit treasure of his, then Junior Martial Brother Han will be in some trouble. Fellow Daoist Hu most likely won't do something so foolish, though," Xiang Zhili replied with furrowed brows.

"Your analysis is spot on, as usual, Brother Xiang, but you may not have heard about this yet; Fellow Daoist Hu recently obtained a treasure that's apparently no less powerful than a spirit treasure. However, this treasure requires the usage of a special secret technique before it can be activated. As long as Fellow Daoist Hu injects some of his magic power into the treasures, it'll be capable of unleashing unfathomable might. I think there's a very good chance that he'll use that treasure, " Eccentric Wind chuckled.

"Is that so?" Xiang Zhili's expression changed slightly upon hearing this.

Just as Xiang Zhili and Eccentric Wind were conversing with one another, the two people locked in a confrontation in the air above finally sprang into action.

Hu Qinglei swept a sleeve through the air and a ball of green light shot forth before transforming into an object that hovered in front of him.

It was an antiquated scroll with peculiar green light shimmering over its surface, striking one with a sense of mystery.

Hu Qinglei aimed a cold glance at Han Li before suddenly making a hand seal as he began to chant something.

The scroll slowly began to unfurl amid his chanting voice. A ball of green light began to flash incessantly as the scroll was spread open, revealing a piece of gorgeous scenic artwork containing around a dozen or so green mountains of different sizes.

However, before anyone had a chance to catch a clear glimpse of the artwork, a burst of green mist rose up from the scroll, instantly obscuring the contents of the entire scroll.

A series of sharp cries rang out, following which 18 pillars of green light rose into the air.

An incredible turn of events unfolded!

The pillars of light receded after hurtling into the air, each of them transforming into a miniature mountain around 10 feet tall. All of them were of a beautiful shade of green and abundant with spiritual Qi. The sharp cries were coming from none other than those miniature mountains.

Han Li was quite startled by this development. The slightly lackadaisical expression on his face was replaced by a serious one as he immediately flipped his hands over.

A green wooden ruler and a miniature azure cauldron appeared over his palms.

He tossed the wooden ruler before him, upon which the projection of a lotus flower instantly appeared. The projection swelled drastically in size, transforming into a massive silver lotus that positioned itself in front of him. Meanwhile, the wooden ruler was slowly rotating at the center of the lotus flower, shimmering w

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