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As Archsaint Six Paths split into two, the two-headed serpent spat out a torrent of inky liquid beneath it, creating a toxic mist that enveloped everything thirty meters below it.

Explosions relentlessly exploded. Black light and the knife struck and erupted in a ball of blinding black light.

It was unknown what treasure Six Paths released, but it managed to block the Devil Essence Diamond knife.

Silver light flashed and the puppet strangely appeared at the old devil’s original position. The roiling toxic mist enveloped it completely.

Following its appearance, the two-headed snake rocked its head and dived at the puppet.

But in the next moment, a silver lotus appeared above the serpent’s head without warning. It was a foot-large and glowed brightly with seven-colored Buddhist light.

The black serpent’s movements immediately slowed as the Buddhist light trapped it and stopped it immediately. Only its two pairs of green eyes were moving.

Immediately after, two silver threads swiftly cut through the green mist and wrapped around the serpent’s two heads, only for them to topple off.

Then as the green mist roiled, the human puppet slowly flew out without displaying the slightest damage.

In truth, the serpent was actually an exceptional beast. The toxic mist was on par with the Ten Absolute Poisons of the cultivation world. If common cultivators touched it, they would immediately perish.

But this wasn’t the most vicious part of the poison. Rather, it is able to penetrate most elemental barriers without any warning or sensation. Any Nascent Soul cultivator that didn’t guard against this would meet their end.

This was the reason the old devil labored over nurturing the spirit beast.

Contrary to expectations, the puppet didn’t possess any flesh, thus making the poison ineffective no matter how powerful and allowing the serpent to be killed with ease.

One of Six Paths’ phantoms had a mental connection with the black serpent; Having immediately felt when the serpent died, he betrayed a trace of fear on his face.

Without even turning around, he pointed to the bone banner and then fled with all his might.

The banner trembled before black light brightly glowed as if about to take to the sky.

It was at that moment, an arc of azure lightning flashed above the phantom as Han Li came into view.

With blue light flickering from his eyes, he looked down and waved his hand, creating a net of lightning underneath him. Then, he summoned a small azure cauldron with a flip of his other hand, releasing countless azure threads in a simultaneous barrage.

Although the old devil had a miraculous doppelganger technique displaying hardly any difference in their spiritual sense, Han Li’s Brightsight Spirit Eyes were able to see right through them and instantly recognized minute differences, as well as which was the true Archsaint.

Both of the phantoms loudly yelled with trembling shoulders upon seeing H

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