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After her face returned to its normal pallor, Ling Yuling made her way into the space beyond the jade door.

Han Li naturally followed her inside.

Beyond the jade door was an astonishingly spacious cave close to 10,000 feet wide and over 1,000 feet tall. The walls of the cave were all paved with unidentifiable azure rocks, and there were some moonlight stones embedded into those walls, illuminating the cave in a faint white light.

However, none of this was able to attract Han Li's attention in the slightest; his eyes had been completely drawn to the small mountain at the center of the cave.

It would actually be inaccurate to call it a small mountain. In reality, it was only a gargantuan rock.

The rock was around 500 to 600 feet tall with a wide base that tapered as it up toward the peak. From a distance, it would indeed appear as if this were a miniature mountain.

The surface of the mountain was completely black and very mundane-looking. It was quite a jarring notion that this massive nondescript rock was the legendary Divine Essencefused Mountain.

"This is the Divine Essencefused Mountain?" Han Li's footsteps faltered as he looked at the mountain before him through narrowed eyes.

"That's right. It was once greyish-white in color, but after my parents refined a small portion of it, it turned into this pitch-black color." Ling Yuling had stopped a few steps in front of Han Li, seemingly unwilling to advance any further.

Han Li stood on the spot and carefully examined the mountain for a long while before striding past Ling Yuling as he slowly approached the mountain.

As he drew closer and closer, Han Li could sense that the five-elemental power emanating from the mountain was growing noticeably more powerful. The spiritual power within his body was once again being whipped up into a frenzy.

However, Han Li was already prepared this time, so the effects of the five-elemental power were quelled after activating his Azure Essence Sword Art again.

Before long, he had already reached the small black mountain.

Han Li had his hands clasped behind his back as he walked around the mountain. There was blue light shimmering incessantly within his eyes, as if he were trying to completely see through the entire mountain.

However, his ever-reliable Brightsight Spirit Eyes disappointed him on this occasion.

Even after injecting all of his magic power into his eyes, his vision was still unable to seep into the mountain in the slightest, let alone glean its internal structure.

As for attempting to assess the mountain with his spiritual sense, the proved to be even more futile. Before his spiritual sense had even managed to approach the mountain, it was forcibly warped and kept out by the five-elemental power.

Han Li stood with a contemplative look on his face before suddenly stepping forward a few steps and stroking the mountain with his hand.

He discovered that the mountain was as smooth and

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