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A calm man’s voice spoke from the city gate, “By command of the city lord, we will assist Officer Zhao. We will naturally offer our services.”

A white-robed Confucian scholar and a monk of azure Buddhist robes walked out from the city gate. The voice belonged to the scholar.

Officer Zhao didn’t dare to neglect the cultivators and hurriedly thanked them with a smile.

The scholar took out a mirror while the monk took out an alms bowl. After a brief chant and incantation gesture, they tossed the magic tools into the air.

Suddenly, the magic tools began to circle in the air. The lens spouted out an azure mist, covering an entire tortoise. As for the alms bowl, it released a yellow light and began to sweep past the wolf cavalrymen.

In a short span of time, the light from both the magic tools quickly swept through the entire caravan, thoroughly scanning each person present.

In the blink of an eye, the thirty carriages and two hundred people were inspected without a problem found.

“Good, you can all enter the city. Ah yes, I must tell you something. Mistress Fang has already made a contract with the largest inn in the eastern city, the Cloud Ease Inn. You may head there after you deliver your goods.” Officer Zhao’s expression relaxed and he didn’t make matters more difficult. After having his say, he waved his hand and signaled them to enter.

Zhang Kiu saluted him before leading the caravan into the city.

After passing through the gates, Han Li discovered that the city was far larger than he expected.

At a glance, the city had an innumerable amount of buildings. He couldn't see the end of them. In addition, the city was well planned when it was constructed. Although the buildings were of different styles and materials used to build them were highly varied, they were evenly arranged with ten meter wide stone roads lined between them.

Such a large city was naturally bustling with excitement. The streets were filled with people where it was nearly overcrowded.

Han Li was stunned at the scene, but he soon discovered most of the people on the streets carried a weapon on them and wore heavy expressions.

When the blue-robed woman in the carriage saw this, she sighed and muttered, “It seems the matter about the beast torrent is true. Otherwise, the villagers outside wouldn’t have all rushed into the city. There is a large pressure on An Yuan City.”

When Han Li heard this, he came to a sudden realization.

With so many people, it would be difficult for the caravan’s tortoises to make it through. Fortunately, Officer Zhao had already considered the matter and sent several soldiers to clear a path for them. They forcibly dispersed the crowd to make way.

Even so, the tortoise carriages moved slowly. After travelling for almost two hours, they eventually made their way past ten streets and arrived at a street with rarely few people, stopping in front of a decorated archway that was several stories tall

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