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Han Li rustled a sleeve and the other small blue cauldron also shot forth before expanding drastically as it flew through the air. The cauldron then hovered toward the air above the massive formation at Han Li's behest, only stopping after reaching an altitude of over 200 feet.

Silver light flashed and the humanoid puppet appeared, standing on one corner of the cauldron in a completely stationary manner.

Han Li nodded upon seeing this before abruptly patting one of the spirit beast pouches hanging from his waist. A gust of glacial wind was immediately swept up, following which 12 four-winged centipedes emerged from within the pouch, each of which was several feet in length.

These were none other than his 12 Six-Winged Frost Centipedes.

As soon as these centipedes appeared, they immediately began to blast glacial winds out of their mouths, sending swaths of white mist rising high into the air. The centipedes then obscured themselves within this white mist before splitting up and flying to all corners of the cage of light.

After setting up all of these measures, Han Li was feeling a lot more assured.

However, he still didn't dare to grow complacent as he carefully examined the surrounding formation again. After verifying that there were no issues, he stood at a certain point within the formation and made a hand seal, upon which a layer of purple flames abruptly appeared over his body. He then slowly sank into the ground as if he were nothing more than an illusionary mirage, disappearing from view in the blink of an eye.

As such, the only things left within the massive cage of light were the two cauldrons, the completely stationary humanoid puppet, and the 12 clouds of fluttering white mist.

Meanwhile, Han Li had already reached several hundred feet deep into the ground, and was currently situated within a vast expanse of scorching crimson lava.

The temperatures here could melt a human away into nothingness in a matter of seconds, yet Han Li remained completely unaffected in his cocoon of Purple Apex Flames. However, as the glacial powers of his flames intertwined with the scorching lava, an incessant burst of rumbling akin to that of relentless thunderclaps erupted nearby, and that was rather annoying to listen to.

It wasn't that Han Li didn't want to switch over to the barrier manifested by his fire dragon pillars; a fire-attribute barrier would naturally be able to fuse as one with the surrounding lava quite easily. However, having to control the temperatures within the barrier under such intense heat would result in excessive magic power expenditure, so it was much more efficient to use his glacial flames instead. As such, Han Li wasn't going to summon that barrier prior to encountering the Puresun Flame Essence.

Even though he had unleashed his spiritual sense to its very maximal extent, the fact that he was submerged in lava greatly inhibited his detection radius, making it impossible for him to se

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