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Even though the black Qi was extremely dense, Han Li was still able to identify the devilish beings within the black Qi.

They consisted of three tall and burly corpses in suits of black armor. One was wielding a shimmering yellow short halberd, the other was wielding a green spear, and the final one had a shimmering silver mace hoisted up on its shoulder.

The three corpses all had sharp fangs and green light dancing within their eyes. All of them seemed to possess Nascent Soul Stage power and particularly worthy of note was that corpse with the mace hoisted up on its shoulder; the devilish Qi emanating from its body was especially dense, suggesting that it was already at the mid-Nascent Soul Stage.

Han Li was slightly surprised by this development, but he wasn't fearful in the slightest as he summoned a small black vial before making a hand seal.

Five bursts of greyish-white light erupted from within the vial before transforming into five humanoid skeletons. As soon as they emerged, they began to let loose bursts of unsettling cackling. At the same time, an astonishing amount of greyish-white devilish Qi began to emanate from their bodies, giving them a very sinister appearance.

"Unbroken Cinque Devils?" The Yin Sifting Sect Master's heart sank upon seeing this. He and Old Devil Qian had been martial brothers for many years, so he was obviously able to immediately identify that these were his Unbroken Cinque Devils.

Just as bewilderment was surging through his heart, pairs of bone sabers appeared in the hands of the five devils at Han Li's behest, and those sabers came crashing down viciously without any hesitation.

As things currently were, the Yin Sifting Sect Master had no time for hesitation. He could only grit his teeth as the three armor-clad corpses within the black Qi rushed out toward the five devils.

Meanwhile, he rustled his sleeve to produce a black bead, then flipped over his other hand to summon a veil-like yellow object.

However, before the Yin Sifting Sect Master had a chance to use these two treasures, the three corpses had already clashed with the five devils.

Just as they were about to come into contact with one another, the three armor-clad corpses opened their mouths to expel three bursts of putrid green mist. This was the corpse poison that had been accumulating within their guts for countless years.

If a normal cultivator were to be struck by this poison, they would most likely lose most of their cultivation base if not be killed on the spot. However, the five devils weren't humans, and they saw no need to evade these bursts of green corpse poison. Instead, they also opened their mouths to blast forth bursts of glacial flames of different colors.

This wasn't a casual sparring match; Han Li was intent on killing this Yin Sifting Sect Master. As such, he immediately unleashed his five glacial flames, which had been cultivated to the height of their powers.

The five differe

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