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After flying for five kilometers, the three remained silent. Han Li swept his spiritual sense in the space in front of him and he increased his speed as if he detected something.

After flying for a moment more, the party eventually came to a stop.

Han Li narrowed his eyes and he saw a giant ball of grey light in the air. He felt a chill spread throughout his body.

The ball of light appeared to be mostly round and half a kilometer in diameter. Although it appeared dim and vague, it also appeared unfathomably deep. A halo of light slowly turned within it

Although Han Li already knew the answer, he took a quick breath and asked, “So this must be the spatial node?”

This time, the woman from the trio answered, “Yes, Senior! This is the spatial node that the master and the others entered. In order to maintain the stability of the entrance, the master and the others spent much strength to place a peculiar seal on it temporarily. This way, not only will the spatial node’s stability be preserved, but it will also minimize its spatial fluctuations, preventing the cultivators from the Five Dragon Seas from noticing.”

When she mentioned Xiang Zhili, her face turned somewhat sad. The three clearly understood what it meant for Xiang Zhili’s primal soul lantern to be extinguished.

So it was like that. I was wondering why the spatial fluctuations of this area were so weak. Fellow Daoist Xiang and the others have sealed it.” Han Li couldn't help but sigh when he looked at the ball of light in the air.

But when the three Core Formation cultivators saw this, they glanced at one another as if signalling to one another.

“There was something that I wish to tell you, Senior.” A male cultivator hesitantly said.

“What is it?” Surprised, Han Li looked at him.

“We protected this place for over two hundred years. Although Master Xiang sealed the spatial node, it began to fluctuate for small amounts of time since a hundred years ago. Each time, the intervals between fluctuations became increasingly shorter. Since several years ago, it had already begun to fluctuate once a year, each time lasting half a month.”

Alarmed, Han Li’s expression faintly changed, “So it was like that! You mean the seal on the spatial node won’t last much longer.”

The other man of the trio explained in a solemn tone, “I’m afraid it is so. According to the trend, after a hundred more years, the spatial node will become unstable, given that it doesn’t disappear. I fear that Senior won’t be able to enter the node as easily as Master Xiang and the others did.”

“In a hundred years? That quickly?” Han Li’s expression became unsightly.

“This was merely something we concluded after some thought. Perhaps it is unfounded.” The female cultivator quickly added with a smile.”

Han Li mulled over his thoughts and slowly said, “I can only stay here for a few years and find out for myself. I had better properly investigate the spatial node. I won’t be

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