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As Feng Xi swept his gaze past the scene, an icy chill froze over his heart.

Be it another attack from Han Li or the dozen Six-winged Frost Centipedes surrounding him, he wouldn’t be able to deal with any of them.

Having come to a decision, Feng Xi grasped his hand in an incantation gesture and a crimson red bloomed from his upper body. Blood loudly splurt out from his flesh, hiding his body in a cloud of blood.

Meanwhile, the demon’s wings absorbed the blood in an instant and turned scarlet.

He took a deep breath and waved his wings, intending on fleeing using a secret technique. But at that moment, he heard a beautiful scripture being uttered and a huge attractive force weighing down on his body.

The demon felt his body tensed as he was kept in place, the magic power in his body frozen.

At that moment, Feng Xi discovered a foot large silver lotus below him in his terror. It was slowly blooming, keeping him trapped in seven-colored Buddhist light.

The demon panicked, immediately casting techniques in an attempt to escape.

However, the dozen centipedes surrounding him used this opportunity to spit glacial Qi onto him.

The icy white Qi enveloped him, containing the blood cloud completely. Feng Xi’s miserable screams sounded from within it.

A distance away, Han Li fiddle with the Eight Spirit Ruler in his hand with a calm expression, not even taking a glance in Feng Xi’s direction.

Everything was completely under his control.

At that moment, the Golden Wyrm King’s void came to a sudden stop.

This caused Han Li to cause his brow and take a look upward.

A world-shaking explosion suddenly sounded from within the sea of flames, and the flames scattered in an instant. A gust blew out, followed by something flying at immense speed.

Han Li’s expression sank and thunder rang out from his back. He vanished.

In the next moment, the thing that escaped came to a sudden stop. Above it, azure and white lightning flashed, followed by Han Li’s sudden appearance.

Han Li looked down and only saw the skeleton of a miniature wyrm. It was only a foot large and glistened with golden light as if it were created from pure gold.

The flood dragon was holding onto a thumb-sized golden core in its mouth.

Wails sounded from behind it, and five ghost heads charged out from the sea of flames with miserable faces. Their faces were ashen as if they were injured.

The golden bone wyrm stirred upon seeing the cinque devils and immediately flew off in a golden streak, soon vanishing from sight.

Above, Han Li coldly snorted. Black light flashed from his brow, following the appearance of a third black eye. It released a streak of black light that disappeared as soon as it appeared.

As a result, a muffled explosion sounded. Golden and black light intertwined and the bone wyrm toppled out from the explosion, flipping several times.

The bone wyrm knew things were far from good. It immediately thou

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