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Magic power surged throughout Han Li's entire body in a frenzy as he let loose a low cry.

Brilliant spiritual light erupted from the surface of the huge sword, and it shuddered before instantly transforming into a wyrm-like streak of golden light, circling in the air above before crashing down with ferocious might.

A loud rumbling boom erupted as the golden light struck the massive bronze pillar.

In the face of the golden light, the mountainous pillar appeared as if it had been constructed from playdoh, and it was sliced in half with ease.

From a distance, it appeared as if a doomsday-like scenario was unfolding on the horizon.

All of the Starfall Coalition cultivators nearby hurriedly rose into the air atop their treasures.

Such a loud commotion had naturally drawn the attention of all of the cultivators on both sides.

Thus, Han Li was naturally thrust under the limelight.

At the sight of Han Li, completely contrasting expression appeared on everyone's faces; some were horrified, while others were ecstatic.

Of course, not everyone had the spare capacity to turn their attention toward Han Li.

For example, Han Li was currently looking at a man and a woman who were caught in an extremely fierce battle with five massive ghostly heads, and were unable to pay any heed to the earthshattering boom that had just erupted.

Coincidentally, the devilish Qi and pink fragrant mist emitted by the twin Lan devils were being completely dominated by the greyish-white devilish flames erupting from mouths of the five ghostly heads, so they had been forced firmly onto the back foot.

Elder Zhao and Elder Ma were ecstatic upon seeing this, and they immediately cast their treasures toward the twin Lan devils to plunge them into an even more perilous situation.

As for the dozen or so swarms of golden beetles released by Han Li, they were also dominating the battlefield.

At Han Li's behest, the beetles only targeted Starfall Coalition cultivators below the Nascent Soul Stage. They swept through the battlefield like golden clouds, and no matter what treasures were used to try and keep the beetles at bay, all of them were devoured into nothingness.

Within a span of a few moments, several tens of cultivators had been completely devoured by the Gold Devouring Beetles.

All of the Starfall Coalition cultivators nearby had been thrown into a complete panic, and all of them were desperately trying to get away from the swarms of beetles.

The fact that Han Li had just destroyed the core of the Heavenly Windfire Formation with a single sword strike further compounded their woes, and morale had dropped to an all-time low.

Many of the Starfall Coalition cultivators were already fleeing from the battle.

There were only a few at first, followed by a dozen or so, which quickly turned into hundreds of cultivators fleeing into the distance!

Han Li didn't even need to attack any further, and the Starfall Coali

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