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A peculiar cry abruptly rang out. A dark shadow stumbled out of the mist, revealing itself to be a red demon beast several feet in length with a pair of blue eyes and a purple comb on its head. However, there was blood splattered all over one of its wings, and even more blood was gushing violently out of a fist-sized puncture wound.

However, this beast was extremely aggressive, and it threw itself at Han Li despite its injuries.

That didn't come as any surprise to Han Li. After all, fire-attribute demon beasts were commonly much more ferocious and violent than other demon beasts.

Han Li heaved a faint sight before casually flicking five of his fingers.

Five red threads short forth, puncturing several regions of the demon beast body before winding themselves around the bird and tightening violently.

Brilliant red light flashed as the demon beast was chopped into several sections.

Its body had been severed by none other than Han Li's Fire Spirit Threads! In the face of weaker opponents like this fiery bird, the might of the Fire Spirit Threads was very apparent.

Han Li waved a hand through the air and the red threads flew back toward him before disappearing into his palm.

As he continued deeper into the sea of mist, more and more demon beasts began to appear with increasing regularity. Before he knew it, he had slain more than 10 demon beasts.

On one occasion, he was attacked by five or six fire apes at once, each of which was around 10 feet tall. A normal early-Nascent Soul cultivator would've been in some trouble had they been faced with that situation, but Han Li was naturally able to handle the situation with aplomb.

He merely opened his mouth to blast forths swords that were several inches in length, and the fire apes were easily slain.

However, after forging ahead for a while longer, he finally encountered the first true stumbling block on his journey.

In the air several hundred feet away from him, there was a shimmering red ball of light around 10 feet in size that was constantly transforming. It took on the form of a tiger, then a wolf, transitioning between different demon beast forms as if it didn't have a set form of its own.

Han Li looked on with a cold expression before abruptly raising a hand, sending several streaks of golden sword Qi flying toward it.

Golden light flashed past, easily slicing this creature into several pieces, but the segmented red light merely converged once again to revert back to its original form with no issues whatsoever.

Han Li's brows furrowed as he made a hand seal. He then abruptly opened his mouth to eject a pilar of purple light, puncturing the ball of light in the blink of an eye to create a hole with a diameter comparable to that of a large bowl.

This was a new secret technique that Han Li had mastered after reaching the late-Nascent Soul Stage. It involved compressing the Purple Apex Flames that he had refined, then blasting it out of hi

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