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When Feng Xi saw this, he felt a chill down his back, ‘Those two axes are something I acquired from a Nascent Soul cultivator I killed. They have many uncommon abilities, but they were unable to activate and were seized by that unremarkable small cauldron without any effort.

As of current, he realized Han Li was no longer the Core Formation cultivator that fled for his life.

After his first strike failed, the wyrm king didn’t continue his attack. Instead, he recalled the golden halberd with a wave of his hand and said, “Fellow Daoist Feng, be careful. That small cauldron is the Heavenvoid Cauldron of human legend. It would be best for us to attack together.”

“The Heavenvoid Cauldron! Yes, let’s do as you say. So long as we kill this person, I’ll give the cauldron to you. All I want are the Thunderstorm Wings that was taken from me.”

“It is agreed.” The wyrm king wildly laughed and golden armor shined from his body. Dazzling golden light radiated from his body as his body ascended into the air like a blazing sun. The light was near blinding.

It was clear the demon was circulating the fullest extent of his body’s magic power.

Then, an inconceivable event occurred.

The wyrm king let out a long shriek and a light blurred from underneath his ribs, producing another pair of gold-scaled arms.

The two arms grabbed at the air and light flashed. One of the arms held a white meter-long sword while the other was holding onto a small glistening shield. The shield was filled with coin-sized scales, appearing as if they were refined from the scales of the wyrm king himself.

The demon then pointed his only free hand at the sky and formed an incantation gesture as if making use of a secret technique.

When Han Li saw this, he narrowed his eyes and his face grew sullen. The words ‘Sacred Provenance Plate’ appeared in his mind along with its connection to the Elder Devils.

Feng Xi tore away at the robes on his body to reveal his bare upper body. He then lowered his torso and revealed two protrusions on his back, followed by the unfolding of his wings. Each of the wings was three meters long and was bright green.

At that same time, Feng Xi’s face turned dark grey and his hands turned into extremely sharp claws that possessed a chilling sheen.

Both of the demons were now in half transformations.

Han Li curved his mouth several times as he watched this and eventually settled with a slight smile. “It seems you two are taking me seriously now. That is fine, but don’t blame me for having some help too.”

Before the wyrm king and Feng Xi understood the meaning of Han Li’s words, they heard wailing and shrieks from the horizon, as if something were flying towards them from all sides. At that same time, white light flashed from underneath the island, followed by a dozen white streaks ascending from the ground.

“Attack! Kill him before his help arrives!” A fierce expression appeared on the wyrm king’s face as he

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