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The elderly man coughed before replying, "I had no choice in the matter. Zhang Kui insisted on getting me to come here as our newest member is apparently a cultivation prodigy who's already mastered the third layer of the Vajra Arts despite his young age."

"The third layer of the Vajra Arts?! Him?" Xiang'er's eyes widened with shock.

"Don't be rude, Sister Xiang'er; invite Daoist Priest Nan Qizi and Old Man Fu into the carriage," Liu'er instructed.

Xiang'er immediately stepped aside to allow the two men into the carriage as she apologized, "Ah, please forgive me for my rudeness."

The Daoist priest merely smiled in response before entering the carriage. In contrast, Old Man Fu heaved a faint sigh before slowly making his way into the carriage as well.

At this point, the light in the sky was already beginning to fade, yet the squad was still traveling full speed ahead with no intention of stopping at all.

"This is the man that Benefactor Zhang was referring to, right?" The Daoist priest turned his gaze toward Han Li as soon as he entered the carriage.

"Indeed, I am the new recruit that Brother Zhang was referring to. I appreciate your visit, but I'm afraid that you'll most likely be powerless to remedy my condition as well. I'll be able to recover after a few months of rest and recuperation," Han Li replied in a calm voice.

Nan Qizi wasn't irked by Han Li's rejection. Instead, he merely put on a faint smile, and said, "Hehe, you've already mastered the third layer of the Vajra Arts, so your powers are not inferior to mine. However, there are many differences between cultivators and body refinement warriors like you. Perhaps I'll be able to find a way to reduce the time required for you to make a full recovery."

A hint of surprise flashed through Han Li's eyes upon hearing this.

Even though his spiritual sense was unable to leave his body, thereby rendering him unable to ascertain the Daoist priest's cultivation base, in such close quarters, Han Li was still able to determine that this man was a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

In the human world, all cultivators looked down on mortals as if they were mere ants, and even Qi Condensation cultivators despised mortals as if they were an inferior species. However, this Foundation Establishment Daoist priest was the first cultivator he had encountered in this world, and he was conversing in such a polite manner with a "mortal" like him. This type of interaction struck Han Li with a rather peculiar feeling.

It appeared that the Endless Sky Beast hadn't been exaggerating about the power of the mortals in the Spirit Realm.

With that in mind, Han Li nodded with a polite smile, and said, "In that case, I'll have to trouble you to conduct a thorough examination."

Nan Qizi nodded with a smile before raising a hand to reveal an azure bracelet around his wrist. He laid his other hand on the bracelet, upon which a copper mirror appeared in his hand.

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