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The talismans stuck to the pegasus seized the moment, fusing together into layers of rainbow light that imprisoned the silver flames.

Under Han Li’s command, the Greatyin Fire Raven floating within the purple ice turned into a ball of scarlet flame, enveloping the Puresun Flame Essence.

Then with his hands in an incantation gesture, he struck the purple ice with several spell seals.

Light flashed as they passed into it, and the huge glacier glistened as it suddenly shrank.

In the blink of an eye, it turned into a fist-sized ball.

Han Li waved his hand, summoning it into his grasp and examining it with interest.

At that moment, Han Li heard a child’s sigh at his ear, followed by words containing a hint of envy, “I didn’t expect you to be lucky enough to truly acquire Greatsun Essence Fire. If you are able to fuse it with Greatyin True Flame, you will gain far more than what you imagined. I fear there are many Immortal spirit flames in the spirit realm that don’t exceed it.

“Immortal spirit flames?” Han Li’s expression stirred but he didn’t continue pursuing the topic. Rather, he clasped his hands, resulting in a roll of thunder.

Thin arcs of golden lightning shot out and tightly coiled around the ice until it was fastened and secure.

In the blink of an eye, all trace of the purple ice was replaced with golden lightning.

He shook his sleeve and summoned a small azure cauldron, spinning in front of him before arriving in front of him.

It was the Heavenvoid Cauldron!

He flicked his finger on the cauldron, sounding a clear front from it. The cauldron lid shot up in the air, and a mass of azure threads streaked out from it, coiling around the ball of golden lightning and dragging it inside.

Then with the use of his artifact imprint technique, he sealed the cauldron.

At that moment, he let out a long sigh but a trace of excitement appeared in his eyes.

Having acquired this flame, he’ll be able to refine the Returning Sun Water. If he could truly extend his lifespan by several hundred years, he should be able to cultivate the Divine Essensefuse Light, even if it were more difficult than he imagined.

Having thought that, Han Li withdrew his puppet and the five devils, then moving on to tear down the large-scale spell formation he placed down. It was only after eliminating all traces of his presence did he leave.

With that done, he completed all his objectives in the Great Jin and set off on his journey back to the Heavenly South seemingly without any hesitation.

After he returned, he would first refine the Returning Sun Water, relieving any worries about his lifespan or Nangong Wan’s. Following that, he would a spatial pocket out of Devilfall Valley’s spatial tear. And lastly, he would use the Ghost Sifting Banner’s soul producing ability to refine the spatial treasure, the Crimson Soul Flag.

Using this flag, he would absorb the Essensefuse Mountain and bring it back to him to t

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