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“You know me?” Han Li said with a tone of bafflement.

Although he knew many female cultivators, he didn’t know any at Nascent Soul-stage apart from Ling Yuling.

After a long pause, the Nascent Soul eventually spoke with an odd tone, “You’re Han Li? When Heavenvoid Hall opened, I saw you once before. It was later said that you acquired the Heavenvoid Cauldron. I didn’t expect that you could’ve escaped the pursuit from those old eccentrics and reach cultivation of this level.”

When he heard her mention Heavenvoid Hall, he recalled where he heard her voice before. A flash of realization sparked in his mind and he doubtfully asked, “You’re... Lady Wen?”

“I didn’t expect that you’d remember me.” She let out a long sigh.

When she confirmed her identity, Han Li wore an astonished expression.

This female Nascent Soul belonged to a woman named Lady Wen, who he originally saw at Heavenvoid Hall. Although her cultivation at the time was significant to begin with, she must’ve acquired quite a few medicines in Heavenvoid Hall and made much progress.

He also remembered what relationship she had with Six Paths.

“If I remember correctly, you should’ve been his Dao Companion!”

Lady Wen resentfully snorted and hesitantly asked, “His Dao Companion? Have you ever seen someone seal their Dao Companion’s Nascent Soul in a magic treasure? But more importantly, you truly killed that wretch Six Paths?”

Han Li smiled and wordlessly extended his finger.

After a brief pause, Lady Wen’s eyes followed where he pointed.

Not far away, there was a block of purple ice that sealed a ruined corpse. It originally belonged to Archsaint Six Paths.

Then, the azure hand holding down Lady Wen wildly flickered before disappearing without a trace.

Lady Wen’s Nascent Soul was now freed.

With her freedom restored, Lady Wen quickly shot forward and flew several circles around the corpse before letting out a frigid laugh to the sky, “It really is that old wretch! As scheming as you are, I didn’t expect that you would die first!”

Han Li frowned. Although he didn’t know what happened for Six Paths and Lady Wen to fall out, he had no interest in hearing about it. Soon after, he began to consider what he should do next.

The Nascent Soul’s laughter eventually came to a stop and she looked over to find Han Li wearing a pensive expression. “There is no need for Fellow Daoist Han to trouble himself. I’ve been kept inside that magic treasure for such a long period of time that I’ve weakened to the point where I can no longer possess a body.

My Nascent Soul will have to immediately dissipate for a chance of reincarnation. I am truly grateful that Fellow Daoist Han managed to eliminate my enemy, but with my current abilities, I have no way to compensate you. I can only hope to repay you in my next life.”

With that said, she abruptly slapped the top of her head.

A blinding red light shined and covered the Nascent Soul entire

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