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Violet Spirit hesitated momentarily before nodding as she replied, "Indeed, it would be inappropriate to depart now, and you could irk the three Deity Transformation cultivators if you do that. However, it seems that they really are rather wary of you, so I'm sure we should be fine even if we stay here for a few more days.

After retaining her freedom, all of Violet Spirit's intelligence and resourcefulness suddenly returned to her, transforming her into the Fairy Violet Spirit of old who dared to explore the world on her own.

Han Li smiled at the sight of the spark that had returned to her eyes, and he traveled back toward the palace.

Violet Spirit looked on at Han Li's departing figure, and a thought seemed to have occurred to her as a faint blush appeared on her face. She bit down on her lower lip before also making her way toward the palace.

Three days, a ceremony was held in the Devil Palace as the other two beautiful female cultivators officially became concubines of Hu Qinglei.

Around 20 to 30 additional devilish cultivators and itinerant cultivators arrived for the ceremony, and the even weakest among them were at the mid-Nascent Soul Stage, while a few more late-Nascent Soul cultivators arrived on the scene.

This was quite an eye-opener for Han Li as there was no way that such a formidable lineup could be assembled in the Heavenly South Region.

All of the newly-arrived cultivators were naturally stunned to see the three Deity Transformation cultivators treating Han Li as their equal. However, after hearing from the previous batch of cultivators who had arrived before them about Han Li's epic feats, all of them were even more astonished, and treated Han Li with just as much respect as they extended toward the Deity Transformation cultivators. After all, this was a man who had singlehandedly almost destroyed the Yin Sifting Sect, and also taken a concubine from Hu Qinglei before withstanding one of Hu Qinglei's most powerful attacks. This was clearly not someone they could afford to mess with.

During these past few days, Hu Qinglei's interactions with Han Li were quite normal, and he made no mention of the incident surrounding Violet Spirit.

Han Li was quite relieved that this was the case, but he had still been on high alert for the past three days. Violet Spirit didn't dare to stray far away from Han Li, either, and he certainly wasn't going to complain about having such an exquisite beauty by his side.

Following the conclusion of the ceremony, Han Li immediately bade farewell to Xiang Zhili and the others, departing from the Devil Palace and the Devil Cliff Mountain with Violet Spirit before both of them seemingly disappeared off the face of this world.

Three months later, on the summit of a nameless scenic mountain, an azure-robed young man was standing peacefully on a huge rock, casting his gaze out toward the distance.

This young man was naturally none other than Han Li, who had depart

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