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The masked cultivator let out a dry laugh and spoke with a fearful tone, “Fellow Daoist Sun, you’ve arrived quickly, but I’m afraid you’ve found the wrong person. I was only chasing after a demon beast and had mistakenly entered your mountain range. I also witnessed the uproar of low-grade demon beasts and was trying to find the cause of it as well.”

As purple light covered the old woman’s face, she snorted and spoke with an imposing voice, “You were chasing a demon beast? Does Fellow Daoist Ma think that I’ve gone senile? You’re a mid-Nascent Soul stage cultivator well known throughout the empire for your movement techniques. What beast would have you pursue it to our Heavenpeak Mountain Range? I’ve already searched the area of over a hundred kilometers around us, and apart from you, I wasn’t able to find any other cultivators that were capable of what had just happened.”

“What happened? Could it be that the demon beast uproar damaged the High Sun Palace in some manner? I respect late-Nascent Soul seniors such as yourself as shown from my politeness, but I can’t help but think that you’re framing me. Although I might not prove to be your opponent, I’m not helpless either. There are a few disciples in my sect that know I entered the Heavenpeak Mountain Range. It’d be better for you to give it another thought before you provoke a war between the Righteous and Devilish Dao.” Although the masked cultivator appeared fearful at the idea of a fight, he was unyielding and golden light began to shine from his eyes.

The old woman narrowed her eyes and after a long while, she coldly asked, “You truly didn’t do it?”

The masked man relaxed after hearing her and he assumed a submissive attitude. “If Fellow Daoist Sun needs me to, I can swear a devilheart oath, but I still don’t know what happened to your sect.”

The old woman’s expression relaxed and said, “Fellow Daoist doesn’t need to swear an oath. You shouldn’t be the one who did it. With your position in the Devilwood Sect, you wouldn’t have done something disgraceful of your rank. Besides, I’ve never heard that you have the abilities to attract demon beasts. But since your esteemed self came over to our Heavenpeak Mountain Range to find a demon beast, it must be quite rare. How about you tell me about it?”

Knowing that he had to tell the truth to free himself of suspicion, he hastily explained, “The demon beast is truly rare, but I fear it isn’t nearly on the same level as your sect’s Vast Yang Bird. It was an Armored Earth Dragon that had just ascended to grade seven. I discovered it in a mountain in the adjacent province, but it was extremely clever and was proficient in earth movement techniques. I’ve chased it for nearly a week before arriving here.”

“A grade seven Armored Earth Dragon!?” the old woman shouted in astonishment, “That truly is a rare demon beast, especially one at such a high grade. It is no wonder why Fellow Daoist Ma was so rash. Now that Fellow Daoist h

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