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Soulfall Sand truly wasn’t an ordinary treasure. Master Wild Sand had to secretly kill many low-grade cultivators, using their primal souls, large quantities of materials, and over a hundred years of strenuous effort in order to refine it so that it could corrupt other magic treasures.

Whenever he encountered an enemy in the past, he would simply released the Soulfall Sand and caused his opponent’s treasures to suffer a great loss in power. This was effective in many occasions, eventually earning him the grand title of “Master Wild Sand.” He was considered amongst the most illustrious figures of the Heretical Daoists.

One of the main reasons of why he dared to provoke the illustrious evil cultivator King Glorious Blaze was his confidence in the Soulfall Sand.

But now, this unknown cultivator entered the formation and was able to easily dissolve it without the slightest harm to himself or his spirit beast. As a result, Master Wild Sand no longer dared to use the Soulfall Sand to attack them and hastily withdrew it with an incantation gesture. Then, he began to hesitate on what he should do next.

At that moment, Lord Heavenwind revealed his original appearance with a shriveled black face and small eyes, saying, “Brother Wild Sand, don’t you have the Bluecrystal Heavensand? Use it to deal with that person. Although we don’t know what that huge ape is, it seems to only be capable of restraining Yin Qi and soul ghosts. It shouldn’t have any power over a pure Daoist treasure like the Bluecrystal Heavensand. So long as we manage to kill this person, we will be able to advance our original plan.”

For this plan, the two had spent a great amount of effort in order for this to succeed. They were unwilling for their plan to fail at the very last stage.

Master Wild Sand strongly shook his head and said, “The Bluecrystal Heavensand was something I spent quite some effort acquiring. Because of my deep relationship with Madam Heavenstone, she allowed me to borrow it, but I had to repeatedly swear I would only use the treasure to protect myself. If anything happened to even a single grain of it, it would be difficult to explain.”

“But the cultivator before us has incisive techniques and treasures,” Lord Heavenwind said anxiously, “If we don’t use it, we won’t be able to block him. All of our previous efforts will be for nothing. Let alone the other treasures, we absolutely must acquire the old devil’s Heavenly Corpse Pearl! It is a rare body cultivation treasure and is crucial for us to break through to the next layer of cultivation!”

Master Wild Sand snorted and said, “The Heavenly Corpse Pearl is important, but so is the Bluecrystal Heavensand! This sand isn’t something that can be repeatedly used. After a single use, I will have nothing left. Madam Heavenstone might be close to me, but I won’t be able to acquire heavensand a second time. Additionally, this person’s abilities are deep and immeasurable. It might not be able to d

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