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The Endless Sky Saintess didn’t wish to provoke a powerful enemy over a simple misunderstanding and offered a concession.

“A condition?” Han Li coldly glanced at the woman with a blank expression.

The Saintess raised her head and calmly proposed, “If Fellow Daoist Li is willing, I can compensate you with a sum of spirit stones as an apology.”

“Hehe...not spirit stones.” Han Li coldly laughed and suddenly grabbed the bundle on his back.

His sudden movements captured the attention of the nearby cultivators.

Han Li simply shook the bundle open for a sheathed saber to fall onto the ground. As soon as it appeared, a series of cries sounded out and it sparkled with golden light. From these traits, one could immediately tell it was an extremely rare treasure.

It suddenly made sense to the others why Han Li would be furious at having his bundle forcefully opened as it would reveal his beloved treasure to nosy outsiders.

When the Saintess saw the sword, a trace of astonishment was betrayed from her eyes. She released her spiritual sense in disbelief and examined the saber for a long while before finding that there was nothing strange about it, not even the slightest trace of an illusion.

When Ge Tianhao and his fellow sect members saw the saber, they exchanged a glance with one another, all of them feeling somewhat embarrassed. As a result of this matter, they had nearly committed a grave error. Fortunately, this conflicted hadn’t escalated and caused an unfair grudge to be held against his sect.

The old Daoist Wu Bi and the Buddhist monk watched this with a silent smile, obviously distancing themselves from the affair.

The Saintess sighed and a trace of disappointment appeared on her face. With an apologetic tone, she said, “It appears I’ve been mistaken. If you have any conditions, I will strive my hardest to fulfill them to your satisfaction.”

Han Li looked at her and his eyes focused on an ornament she hung at her waist. “I already have enough spirit stones. How about you hand over that jade pendant?”

“This?” She looked at pendant with complete bewilderment.

Since she wore it on her body, it was no ordinary ornament. It was an exquisite butterfly-shaped jade ornament that was a rare support-type magic tool, and had an effect of focusing one’s mind. However, this item was only precious to Foundation Establishment and Core Formation cultivators. To a mid-Nascent Soul cultivator, its effects would be negligible. The Saintess only valued this treasure as it was a possession she kept throughout her life.

‘What reason could he possibly want the jade pendant?’ She fiddled with the jade pendant with a hesitant expression.

Han Li’s eyes flickered and he readily suggested, “What, does Fellow Daoist Lin hate to part with it? Then, let’s change it. How about that pearl hairpin?”

The Saintess raised her brow and suddenly came to a decision, tossing the jade pendant over to Han Li. “Of course you can

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