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Monarch Soul Divergence’s voice eventually broke the silence and he deeply said, “Have you ever heard of Divine Flow Clay?”

Han Li looked at the stone with surprise, “Of course I have. It’s also known as Illusory Paste, a rare material used to refine complicated magic tools, and is said to be able to create any artifact. It also has the unique property of restoring any damage that it suffers. Could this unremarkable thing be it? I’ve heard that Divine Flow Clay was white and as smooth as jade.”

“Youngster Han, don’t be alarmed. This is truly Divine Flow Clay. However, ancient cultivators had mixed it with something else, and had peculiarly refined it into something known to them as Flexile Spirit Jade. Those that can recognize this material can’t number more than a dozen. I had found some information regarding this in an ancient cultivator residence and have long forgotten it. Have I not been reminded of something similar to it, I wouldn’t have remembered.”

Han Li pensively asked, “Flexile Spirit Jade? What’s the difference between that and Divine Flow Clay?”

“Hadn’t you already discovered it? Not only will this material recover from deformation, but it can absorb the magic power of a cultivator’s strike. If an attack condensed with spiritual power were to damage it, it will decrease more than half the injury. The sole weak point is that the clay doesn’t offer any additional defensive power against direct attacks. But even so, its value is still no lesser than Auric Essence.”

Han Li smiled when he heard this and asked, “So it was like that. Senior plans on weaving the Divine Flow Clay into the puppet's body?”

“Isn’t it obvious? When the puppet’s body is fused with Tailstar Silver and Divine Flow Clay, it will require no defensive treasures. There will be hardly anyone in this world that will be able to easily destroy it.” Monarch Soul Divergence proudly said.

“Then let’s do it.” Han Li spoke without the slightest hesitation.

“Yes, but for now, let’s set it aside and refine the other puppet parts first. I reckon that we’ll be finished with all the parts in a year.”

“Alright,” Han Li agreed. With a wave of his sleeve, he swept away all the items in a mist of azure light. Afterwards, he slapped his storage pouch and took out eight jade boxes storing different materials before starting to refine another puppet part.

In the eyes of a cultivator, a year was merely a moment. Apart from Han Li refining the puppet parts during this time, his Six-winged Frost Centipedes had suddenly evolved after consistently taking a Snow Soul Pill every month. After they molted, their bodies grew several times larger, and developed yet another pair of wings. Not only did their speed greatly increase, but they were far more nimble as well.

But after they evolved, the pills were no longer effective. It appeared their next evolution was still far away.

One day, Han Li was inside the hidden chamber with closed eyes and a spar

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