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When Old Man Fu saw the silver-robed cultivator, he called out to him with a familiar tone, “Hehe, Brother Wang rarely makes an appearance. I believed that you were still cultivating the Turtle Spirit Arts in seclusion. How could I dare to disturb your cultivation?”

“I had no choice but to stop cultivating the Turtle Spirit Arts at the seventh layer. I reckon that I’ll never reach mid-Nascent Soul stage in my lifetime. However, I have heard from Shopkeeper Zhao that a Fellow Daoist with mid-Nascent Soul cultivation had arrived, and that he wishes to purchase the Hidden Fortune Mansion that we’ve kept in our possession for hundreds of years. With Brother Fu honoring our establishment with your presence as well, how could I not come and make an appearance?” The silver-robed cultivator then turned to look at Han Li and saluted him with a smile.

When Han Li heard their conversation, he knew this middle-aged silver-robed man was the Elder Wang that the shopkeeper had mentioned. He swept his spiritual sense past him to find that he was an early-Nascent Soul cultivator, with a pale complexion that appeared to be caused by a particular aspect of a technique.

Han Li smiled and returned Elder Wang’s salute. “Brother Wang is being too polite. I’ve long heard of the grand reputation of your Hidden Fortune Pavilion and decided to pay a visit.”

When Old Man Fu heard this, he spoke with surprise, “Fellow Daoist Han wishes to trade for a Hidden Fortune Mansion?Tch tch, as expected of a cultivator from beyond the sea, you are truly magnanimous. It seems the rumors of many treasures across the sea are true.”

“ Fellow Daoists must be joking. There are few rare materials overseas, but it can’t be compared to the rich land of the Jin Empire.”

Han Li’s words didn’t convince the two Nascent Soul cultivators, but they didn’t bother to further pursue the topic of lands overseas. Else, if a high-grade cultivator like Han Li mistakenly believed them to be prying, it would be no laughing matter.

At that moment, Shopkeeper Zhao appeared behind the silver-robed cultivator. He placed two jade boxes in front of Han Li, one larger and the other smaller, and tactfully moved to the side. Since Elder Wang had made an appearance, there was no further need for him to speak.

Elder Wang gestured at the larger of the two boxes and courteously said, “Since Fellow Daoist Han is so interested in our pavilion’s Hidden Fortune Mansion, I’ve had the item brought here together with Fellow Daoist Fu’s Thunderspirit Crystal. You may take a look at whichever you want.”

Old Man Fu grinned and hastily said, “Brother Wang, you will have plenty of time to discuss the Hidden Fortune Mansion with Fellow Daoist Han. However, I would like to finish our business first.”

Elder Wang wore a yielding smile and said, “That will be fine, Brother Fu did arrive first. I didn’t know that you were in such a hurry. I am also quite interested in what Fellow Daoist Han will us

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