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When Han Li heard the Heavenly Talisman Sect Elder carefully mention this proposal, his cheek twitched before he faintly smiled.

“How did you think I would respond to your request of becoming the guest elder of your three sects?”

Old Man Wen’s apprehension calmed after seeing that Han Li wasn't angry and he hastily explained, “We understand that small sects like ours do not have the qualifications for Senior to enter our employment, so we only need you to settle a dispute of ours and allow us to use your name as protection. We wouldn’t dare to trouble any further.”

Han Li blinked and said, “You mean to say that I’ll only have to act once and I’ll have no need to look after you in the future?”

“That’s right. Of course, we won’t have Senior act for nothing. Since you are interested in talisman refinement techniques, our Heavenly Talisman Sect is willing to bestow the Spiritform Talisman technique to you. The Gold Mist Mountain and Bright Yang Sect will also hand over their legacy techniques to you. Additionally, we’ve prepared tens of thousands of spirit stones. We hope Senior will accept them.”

Old Man Wen knew that he would only anger Han Li if he tried to be clever, so he spoke with a direct tone instead.

“Tens of thousands of spirit stones?” Han Li asked with a smile.

“It is truly too few spirit stones, but we’ll be able to continue offering a sum of spirit stones every year. Additionally, we are willing to bestow the Spiritform Talisman that our founder had originally refined over to you. Senior should have the ability to refine such an item.” Old Man Wen spoke with gritted teeth as if it was the final condition he could offer.

“Your founder? Do you mean Daoist Heaven Talisman?” Han Li’s expression began to stir.

Sect Master Yue Zhen then took the initiative to say, “That’s right. I must tell Senior that although the sect founder was able to display its great, it was a pity that the later generations of our sect weren’t capable enough to refine the item. As such, out sect passed the talisman down for countless years and witnessed the treasure’s spiritual nature gradually fade over time, but we were helpless to do anything. If Senior is able to make use of it, it will solve this problem as well.”

“Your sect still possessed such a treasure? I want to take a look!” Han Li said with a trace of excitement.

Old Man Wen rejoiced at seeing Han Li’s interest and hastily commanded, “Martial Nephew Yue, take out the talisman and let Senior look at it.” Although he possessed the highest cultivation in the Heavenly Talisman Sect, the founder’s original Spiritform Talisman was something that was only kept by the sect masters.

“Yes, Martial Uncle!” Yue Zhen immediately slapped his storage pouch and summoned a yellow wood case, then presenting it over to Han Li with both hands.

Han Li simply waved his hand when he saw this and summoned the case into his hand. Then, he lowered his gaze and examined it.

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