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The Huayuan Province was a large territory on the eastern shore of the Jin Empire. Most of its towns and cities were constructed on the coast, and there were many overseas cultivators that would arrive here to trade various demon beast materials for a few cultivation resources from inland. As such, the province’s markets were prosperous all year long and the sects were abundantly wealthy, reaping large sums of spirit stones year after year. There were even a few smaller markets farther away, but due to their favorable location, they were also doing quite well.

Kaijiang Village was a small town in the province over a hundred kilometers off the shore. There was a modest mountain nearby less than a kilometer tall. It possessed an inferior spiritual vein and could barely be considered to be a spiritual mountain.

While this Hundred Bamboo Mountain was beneath the notice of larger powers, it was home to a small sect by the name of Heavenly Talisman Sect. The sect seemed to be of the lowest level in the cultivation world, and all the members combined totaled a little over a hundred.

Despite the Heavenly Talisman Sect’s poor condition, it had a vast and long history. Tens of thousands of years ago, Daoist Heaven Talisman, the founder of the sect, had created three secret talismans whose power shook through the entire Great Jin, managing to bring the sect on par with the ten Great Righteous Sects. Although it wasn’t known as the greatest sect during its climax and didn’t have a lineage that spanned back to ancient times, it had tens of thousands of members and was the peak sect in the province.

Although the Heavenly Talisman Sect was highly accomplished in the Dao of talismans, their cultivation techniques were rather ordinary, and talismans could only accomplish so much. Several generations after their rise, they experienced a massive decline. Over the passage of time, they only barely managed to continue existing by passing down a few of their secret talisman techniques.

Apart from a few other cultivators from small sects, there were rarely high-grade cultivators that have visited. As such, the disciples on guard duty would often find themselves idle, and would rather chat with one another than to cultivate.

One day, two Qi Condensation cultivators on guard duty both let out a depressing sigh.

A male disciple in his late teens muttered, “Senior Martial Brother Li, is the market truly going to close? Although I’ve only entered the sect recently, I still know that the Three Essence Market is where nearly half of our income comes from. Without those spirit stones, how can our sect continue to exist?”

A youth in his mid-twenties of a plump stature helplessly said, “What can we do? Several days ago, the Spirit Wind Sect gave our sect master the last notice that either our market will merge with theirs or they will close it in three months. They’re bullying us with their strength!”

“Merge markets? That sounds possible.” T

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