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As Han Li gazed at the jade pearl, his eyes wavered, “Since this item is so rare, it should have some special properties.”

Monarch Soul Divergence replied, “Special? It's more than just that. To cultivators, this is a top-grade supplementary tool and pill refinement material; but to the demon clan, they would risk their very souls to acquire it. It is a fantastical item capable of protecting them against ascension tribulation.”

“The demon clan’s ascension tribulation?” Despite Han Li’s high expectations, he was still stunned.

“That’s right. There are an innumerable number of high-grade demon beasts in this world, but there are only a sparse few that are able to survive their ascension tribulation, allowing them to take human form. As lightning is a weakness to the majority of demon beasts, the lightning from ascension tribulation results in a near death sentence. But if evolving demon beasts were to first take a drop of Glacial Quintessence, their bodies will become greatly resistant against lightning for a time, allowing them to better resist the tribulation. Now do you understand how precious Glacial Quintessence is to those demon beasts? However, there aren’t too many human cultivators that know of this item. The North Night Palace is an exception due to the peculiar ice-attribute cultivation art they practice. When I toured the Great Jin in the past, I only acquired knowledge of this item after fighting against many high-grade cultivators from their sect. And it was said every thousand years or so, a few high-grade demon beasts within the borders of the Great Jin would secretly gather at North Night Palace’s island and launch an all-out attack on it, forcing the sect to hand over some Glacial Quintessence.”

“Is that true?” Han Li asked with disbelief.

Monarch Soul Divergence answered, “What’s so strange? Demon beasts without Glacial Quintessence are almost certain to die in their ascension tribulation. If they manage to acquire a drop of Glacial Quintessence, their odds of surviving is greatly increased, so they would spare no effort to acquire it. And every so often, the old monster of Myriad Demon Valley would take the initiative to organize a raid. So even if they were to fail, they wouldn’t suffer heavy losses. However, the island the North Night Sect is based on possesses cultivators with vast ancient abilities and several great formations that have been passed down since antiquity, not to mention the Heavenly Yin Essence Vein the island is based on; the freezing glacial Qi surrounding the island from a thousand-kilometer radius is beyond deadly. Demon beasts that didn’t cultivate ice-attribute cultivation arts would have to use a majority of their body’s spiritual power to block the glacial Qi when they invade, exhausting their strength in their coming fight against the North Night Palace cultivators. This was the reason why the demon clan cultivators haven’t been able to capture the island despite the vast strengt

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