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Han Li found two overbearing presences appear in front of the valley.

The fireball faintly contained the silhouette of a bird.

As for the ball of yellow light, it appeared to be a demon beast rolled up in a ball. Its body was covered in a thick tough yellow hide. It was wrinkled and folded as if it were a layer of armor. And from within its fat body poked out a sharp rat’s head and a slender tail; it appeared to be a huge demon mouse variant.

"What manner of strange demon beast is this?" Han Li asked.

“An Armored Earth Dragon, what an extremely rare spirit beast!” Monarch Soul Divergence shouted with delight, “It’s widely known for its defensive prowess and ability to find treasures. It is fortunate that it has appeared before you!”

“Oh, it’s that beast? I had a feeling I recognized it.”

As soon as Han Li spoke, the two demon beasts charged into the valley’s white mist one after another, aiming to acquire the Rainbow Skirt Grass underneath within.

In response, he summoned a green formation plate into his hand. With a slap, the plate glowed with bright light, raising the outermost layers of the valley’s restrictions and trapping the Vast Yang Bird in the lead. The ball of yellow light hastily followed after it, but was blocked once the spell formation was activated.

The Armored Earth Dragon was furiously alarmed from the sudden obstruction and its body shimmered with yellow light, expanding to the size of twenty-four meters. Layers upon layers of grey plate emerged from its body, and it rolled into a ball before fiercely knocking against the barrier.

With a hugebang, the strike destroyed the two outermost layers of the restrictions. After a pause, the beast continued to strike away at the remaining restrictions.

This short delay gave Han Li ample time to restrain the Vast Yang Bird.

After the bird collided against the restrictions, it waved its wings and scattered scarlet fireballs all around it, dispersing most of the mist below it and revealing the forest filled with blooming peach trees. With a quick scan of its eyes, it quickly spotted Han Li and the source of its bewitchment, the Rainbow Skirt Grass.

Even without a fully developed intelligence, Han Li’s unconcealed mid-Nascent Soul cultivation invoked fear in the bird. It circled above, not daring to stoop too low, but unable to escape the incredibly powerful enticement of the Rainbow Skirt Grass.

As the bird hesitated, Han Li expressionlessly raised his hand and a black talisman shot out. In a flicker of black light, the talisman turned into a black ghost claw and reached out to grab the Vast Yang Bird.

The bird was deeply shocked and without another thought, it released over thirty fist-sized fireballs with a flap of its wings. They ruptured against the ghost claw, covering the black light with raging inferno and disabling it for the time being.

Astonished, Han Li soon formed an incantation gesture with his hands and silver wings

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