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Han Li had already bought a map of the sea in advance. He followed a path that cultivators rarely traveled and found a small uninhabited island a month later.

The island was only twenty square kilometers and had a small, unremarkable spirit vein that spanned four kilometers.

If the spirit vein was closer to the mainland, it would be certainly occupied by a small clan, but no small clan would dare to move into the sea where demon beasts roamed with the vein’s current location. As for the higher-grade cultivators from larger clans, they would find the spirit vein to be of little interest. Additionally, the island wasn’t near any traveled sea route and was far from any human contact.

Han Li found the island to be quite satisfactory and immediately flew to a small mountain at the center, releasing his flying swords to cut a flat surface before summoning his Hidden Fortune Mansion on top of it. In just a moment, it expanded into a small exquisite Immortal abode.

For the sake of carefulness, Han Li placed a concealment formation not only around the residence, but he also placed one around the small mountain, summoning a white mist five kilometers surrounding it.

With these preparations done, he then placed his medicinal plants and spirit beasts inside their appropriate rooms. He also put the Armored Earth Dragon under a restriction before placing it into one of the beast rooms. As for the large number of materials he carried, he put them all in his hidden chamber.

After Han Li entered, he took off the bamboo tube from his back and placed it in front of him, calmly saying, “These materials are only enough for one attempt. If there are any errors during the refinement process, there won’t be enough time to find a substitution. I also have no grasp on the chances of success.”

Monarch Soul Divergence replied, “I am well aware. Before you refine it, I will give you a detailed explanation of the refinement process and repeatedly test your understanding after. Only once you’ve truly grasped the process will I have you start. Before we start, you should take a look at this jade slip. It has some general information about my puppet.” A white jade slip flew out from the bamboo tube with a slight bang and into Han Li’s grasp.

“Since Senior has thought much over the matter, I am relieved.” Han Li nodded and then promptly sat down before immersing his spiritual sense into the jade slip.

As time slowly passed by, Han Li’s expression continued to change from amazement to excitement and finally, complete shock.

After an unknown amount of time, Han Li let out a long sigh and withdrew his spiritual sense from the jade slip, even though he continued to sit in place as his mind wandered. After a quarter hour, he finally opened his eyes and muttered, “Not bad. If I succeed in refining this puppet, its might will be unrivalled. Provided enough spirit stones, it will be able to rival a late-Nascent Soul cultivator. However, there is

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