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When Han Li heard about the conditions to acquire the Thunderspirit Crystal, he rubbed his chin and asked, “An exchange? I actually have a few materials on hand that could be traded for it.”

When the white-robed middle-aged man heard Han Li, he handed over a jade slip that was previously prepared. “The materials and medicine pills that the crystal’s owner wants in exchange are in here. Although it might be more common than some of the materials that Senior wishes to collect, it’s still difficult to find in this world. Otherwise, the Thunderspirit Crystal would’ve already been exchanged as it’s an ideal material for creating lightning-attribute magic treasures.”

Han Li took the jade slip and immersed his spiritual sense into it without another thought.

The middle-aged man carefully examined Han Li’s expression, hoping to see through some of his thoughts, but his expression hadn’t betrayed the slightest change or emotion. Rather, his calm demeanor disappointed the shopkeeper and even caused him to feel apprehensive.

‘Just where did this Senior Han come from? Not only is his appearance young, but the materials he’s looking for are incredibly rare. Although there are many Nascent Soul cultivators with young appearances, most of them are female, and this man doesn’t particularly appear to care about his clothes and appearance. Could he be a newly ascended Nascent Soul cultivator?’

Although the middle-aged shopkeeper could sense that Han Li was a Nascent Soul cultivator, he wasn’t able to determine his precise cultivation. He could only determine that his presence was stronger than that of other early Nascent Soul cultivators he met before.

As a result, he was attending to Han Li personally with great care. With the powers backing the Hidden Fortune Pavilion, he didn’t need to treat ordinary Nascent Soul cultivators with excessive effort.

A moment later, Han Li withdrew his spiritual sense from the jade slip and handed it back over. He then said, “I do have a few items that this Fellow Daoist needs. However, I’ll need to see the Thunderspirit Crystal before making the exchange. If the quality of the crystal is too lacking, I will not trade for it.”

With some thought, the shopkeeper smiled and said, “Of course, so how about this? Since this is a high-value trade, I will send a sound transmission talisman to Senior Fu, the owner of the Thunderspirit Crystal, and you will be able to conduct the trade in person. He is currently residing nearby this market.”

After pondering a bit as well, Han Li said, “Alright, I also wish to meet this Fellow Daoist Fu. The more of these crystals I can acquire, the better. I also want to see whether he has more on hand.”

He thought that since this Old Man Fu was able to acquire such a rare material, it was possible that he had other of these materials on hand.

“In that case, I will go and send the message. Please wait for a moment, Senior Han. Senior Fu will arrive soon.” The sh

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