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“Elder? When has the Ye Clan acquired another elder? Is he a vagrant cultivator or someone from a small sect? Won’t there be a problem?” The Daoist nun quickly asked several questions in her alarm.

“Don’t worry, Aunt. This person isn’t a cultivator from the Great Jin but a vagrant cultivator from the Soaring Sky Plains. Their abilities are quite impressive, and we’ve already investigated this person’s background and have found nothing wrong. They had offended the Soaring Sky Temple and had to flee. Our Clan had yet to reveal this matter to them.”

“Oh, that’s quite good. Although I disapprove of your follow-up plans, the elders have already set the plan into motion. Those two Divine Spirit Treasures must be acquired. We can only worry about what will happen afterwards and play it by ear, but you'll have to be careful from now on. Those superpowers have spies everywhere and our large movements are bound to attract their attention. We mustn't leak any information.” The Daoist nun warned.

The beautiful woman bitterly smiled and helplessly said, “We fear we’ve already aroused the suspicion of a few perceptive individuals. Over the past few days, the superpowers have dispatched many additional cultivators to bolster their ranks at the capital city.”

The Daoist nun’s expression sank and she asked, “Were there any Nascent Soul cultivators among them?”

“No, but the cultivators they sent were all at Core formation stage. There are the same number of Nascent Soul cultivators watching over the capital city.”

“That will be fine,” the old Daoist nun slowly said, “It seems they are only somewhat suspicious and they haven’t truly sensed anything. Ever since the Three Royals Monastery released information that it wished to refine an important treasure, it attracted much attention that would’ve otherwise put pressure on your side.”

After some thought, the other woman said, “Your orders were the correct choice. But it stands to mention that although the treasure being refined by the Three Royals Monastery is only bait if it is successfully refined, it will be a great increase of our power. If it is possible, we should strive our hardest to create it.”

“I am well aware,” the Daoist nun said, “The Mountain Crushing Seal is a treasure capable of splitting the earth. Even an imitation of it will be an outstanding weapon. If we manage to successfully refine it, it will be the equivalent of having another late-Nascent Soul cultivator in our ranks. We must do our utmost to make sure that succeeds. On the other hand, I heard that your second uncle said that he wanted to recruit a few powerful vagrant cultivators. How is that going?”

“He has set himself on recruiting vagrant cultivators for quite a while. Two of the four great vagrant cultivators have already entered the service of the royal family. As for the other two, they were too difficult to find, so they will be impossible to recruit. However, Luminous West Mountain’s ghost monar

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