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Han Li stayed in the Heavenly Talisman Sect’s record hall for three days and read through the jade slips related to talisman refinement. There were quite a few secret techniques, and he nonchalantly duplicated some of their contents so he could further research them at a later time.

Shockingly, a few records had even elaborated a bit on the other two secret talismans of the Heavenly Talisman Sect.

The Spiritform Talisman was peculiar in that it entered one’s body. It would then be tempered inside the Dantian and could be used endlessly. If one nurtured it to a stage, not only will it become limitlessly sharp, but one would be able to use Devil Dao Techniques like ‘Cataclysmic Graft’ without the sacrifice of a limb.

[Chapter 573 - During Han Li's battle with the Disciple of Archsaint Sixpaths in the Scattered Star Seas, the disciple used a technique called Cataclysmic Graft. It allowed him to sacrifice a limb and some vitality in order to completely avoid the damage of an otherwise lethal attack.]

The other talisman was the Sixpeak Armor Talisman. It condenses the nearby spiritual Qi into a six-layered shield. If given an endless source, the six-layered shield would endlessly reform itself. It was one of the few incredible techniques that could control worldly spiritual Qi that didn’t involve Deity Transformation cultivation.

Of the sect’s three secret talismans, the Spiritform Talisman was the easiest to grasp. After a cultivator entered Core Formation stage, they would be able to nurture it in their Dantian. He reckoned that successive cultivators of the sect used this ability. However, the might of the talisman not only depended on the cultivation of the user and the time it was nurtured, but also the quality of the materials used to refine it, very much like a magic treasure.

The Sixpeak Armor Talisman was different. So long as it was refined, anyone could use it. The might of this talisman depended on the concentration of worldly spiritual Qi in its surroundings. Under ideal circumstances, it would display astonishing might.

According to the records of a past Sect Elder, the Sixpeak Armor Talisman refinement method was lost when Master Heaven Talisman passed away. Back when the Heavenly Talisman Sect was at its peak, they were alarmed by this disappearance and made its recovery the sect’s top priority for many generations after. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to find the slightest clue of its whereabouts and the search came to an end.

As for the Soul Subjugation Talisman, it hadn’t been refined ever since the founding of the sect. As a result, only the Spiritform Talisman truly had any practical use.

Han Li was greatly interested in the other two talismans. The Spiritform Talisman in particular was an optimal life-saving measure as it would allow him to use sacrificial techniques.

Three days later, Han Li read through the last talisman of interest to him and had finally stood up. He swept his spirit

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