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Just as Han Li and the Elder Devil were about to clash, the devil’s expression suddenly stirred and he glanced behind him.

Han Li also soon sensed something as well and glanced in the same direction with a raised brow.

Soon, a blaze flashed from a distance, followed by a streak of light. When he saw how quickly it was travelling, along with the faint sounds of a storm, he was surprised.

A fierce aura bled from the devil as he flew forward to meet the approaching light with an ominous glint in his eyes. In a mere moment, the streak closed the distance of over ten kilometers, revealing a monk with dishevelled hair.

Hek had a stern expression on his face, with one hand holding a scarlet alms bowl and the other a meter-long green staff. When he saw the two, he was surprised to see that they had the same face.

The monk looked at them both and smiled, asking, “May I ask which one is the Fellow Daoist that emerged from the trade meet?”

Han Li’s expression stirred and he silently glanced at him.

The monk possessed mid-Nascent Soul cultivation and had unordinaru treasures, so it came as no surprise that he would dare to follow him. However, Han Li was disinterested since he didn’t know his intentions.

As for the Elder Devil, when he saw the intruder, he looked to the sky with his hands behind his back and ignored him.

The monk grew furious! Ever since he entered Nascent Soul stage and came into possession of his Bloodfire Bowl and Coiling Dragon Staff, those of equivalent strength had all treated him with great courtesy.

Now, these two disregarded him, despite appearing to possess somewhat similar cultivation, and he couldn’t help but hold an unsightly expression on his face. To make matters worse, their appearances were similar, so they appeared to be together. If he were to fight them, he couldn’t predict the outcome despite his confidence. As such, he could only forcefully restrain himself as he began to plan how to best strike them down.

But before he could conceive an approach, more lights shined from over the horizon. Three various-colored streaks were flying together towards them.

When the monk saw this, he was stunned.

He was only able to chase Han Li after using an additional ability to increase his speed. Now, there were three unknown parties that were just a step behind. It appeared there would be some difficulty to claim the treasures for himself, but with these new arrivals, he wouldn’t need to face these two cultivators alone.

With that thought, the monk revealed a gloomy countenance and gave them a sinister glance.

As if sensing the monk’s ill intent, the Elder Devil suddenly focused his gaze on him and then looked at the incoming lights with impatience.

“How troublesome. I originally believed that you would be the only bother. I didn’t think that there were more people coming after you. Since that’s the case, let’s start off with him.” After those cold words were said, the E

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